Program Flop: Blame it on the Sunshine

Last year, our Plot and Plan session that serves as a warm-up for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) had over 60 participants. I spent the whole time dragging extra chairs from every corner of the Library that I could get. This year, I spent 45 minutes setting up 50 chairs and tables. Total program turnout? […]

Regarding #teamharpy and sexual harassment

In the fall of 2011, I was at my second conference as a professional (read: paid) librarian. I had a small presence on Twitter which is where my sexual harasser knew me from and cited as he approached me. What did he do? In front of hundreds of other librarians, he cornered me and loomed […]

Tech Fair: A Success!

My idea to host a Tech Fair went off this past Saturday without a hitch! John manned the 3D printers (very popular with kids), Sally the Google Glass (everyone loved them), and I took care of technology support/education, the Digital Media Lab, and the Small Office Home Office (SoHo) Business Center equipment. I think we […]

Working on a new project

…but before I reveal what’s entertaining me these days, I want to get more of it created. Then I’ll gladly share the idea on here and with you.

Library and Information Science Syllabi

I’ve been focused (and procrastinating) on my DIY education by finding LIS syllabi for the past several months. Then over the long Labor Day weekend I decided to turn my hobby into something I can share with the world at Library and Information Science Syllabi. I’m trying to toe the line and avoid receiving cease-and-desist […]

The Library Touchscreen Kiosk

Last October, my boss surprised me by telling me about a giant touchscreen he had purchased for a kiosk. This monstrous 24 x 42 inch screen (I think that’s the same model) would go on our main level. The software a vendor had upsold him on arrived first so I was able to dig into […]

American Girl Posters

Done on behalf of the Children’s Library for their American Girl themed program. Each poster is the property of Darien Library.

World War I and Book Groups Poster

Out of that big strategic meeting I talked about before, here is the World War I poster I made to support their August war book efforts. The two background photos come from WWI propaganda posters (I assume they’re public domain…). The photo in the foreground is from soldiers marching off to a battle. InDesign kinda […]

Almost Done: The Touchscreen Kiosk

I’ve been working on and off to get this kiosk finished since December. It was scheduled to go “live” to the public yesterday, but since my boss is out, my colleague and I are going to wait till the boss gets back (unless he tells me otherwise!). I need to figure out the best way […]

Book Groups Strategic Planning Meeting

Let’s be honest: I haven’t felt much like blogging, thus the radio silence here. I’ve been thinking about where I want my career to go and I’m considering more support/strategic/teaching in my current work objectives. I tried to express this desire in an articulate way to my boss but floundered at it. The next day, […]