The Road to Being Debt Free

Today I pulled the switch and paid off the remainder of my student loan debt. My education costs were paid for through federal student loans, scholarships, grants, and a graduate assistantship. I was ineligible for public loan forgiveness because my debt would have been paid off within ten years of standard payments. While the confirmation […]

2015 Emerging Leader

It is I! If you had seen me marginally tweeting about some big news the past couple of weeks, well, there it is out in the open now. My thanks to John Blyberg of Darien Library and David Gwynn of UNC Greensboro’s Digital Projects for writing reference letters on my behalf. As of yet, I […]

The Civil War Soldier

If I ask my relatives, they have no idea about our ancestors who fought in wars before World War II. Fortunately, I’m a genealogist. As part of my research recently, I discovered that my third-great grandfather, Aaron Columbus Goodman, had been shot on Main Street at Orange Court House County, Virginia on August 2, 1862. […]

Appearances in 3 Publications this Month!

I am very grateful for the opportunity to appear in some form in three different libraryland publications. First up is American Libraries on page 30. It’s more of a selling piece for my Library Technology Report on Digital Media Labs in Libraries. Next is in Library Journal in an article for Ad/Lib “a website that […]

Program Flop: Blame it on the Sunshine

Last year, our Plot and Plan session that serves as a warm-up for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) had over 60 participants. I spent the whole time dragging extra chairs from every corner of the Library that I could get. This year, I spent 45 minutes setting up 50 chairs and tables. Total program turnout? […]

Regarding #teamharpy and sexual harassment

In the fall of 2011, I was at my second conference as a professional (read: paid) librarian. I had a small presence on Twitter which is where my sexual harasser knew me from and cited as he approached me. What did he do? In front of hundreds of other librarians, he cornered me and loomed […]

Tech Fair: A Success!

My idea to host a Tech Fair went off this past Saturday without a hitch! John manned the 3D printers (very popular with kids), Sally the Google Glass (everyone loved them), and I took care of technology support/education, the Digital Media Lab, and the Small Office Home Office (SoHo) Business Center equipment. I think we […]

Working on a new project

…but before I reveal what’s entertaining me these days, I want to get more of it created. Then I’ll gladly share the idea on here and with you.