LibUX: Hamburger Icon

Michael and I are starting to get a real feel for conducting these video/podcasts! Today we kept it under 30 minutes and chatted about copyright, legalese, the Innovation/Polaris acquisition, WordPress + PowerPac, mobile apps, hamburger menus, Heartbleed bug, the Personal Digital Archiving & Radical Archivists conferences, and more! Big announcement: Michael put in the back…
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LibUX: Personalization

We had a late start then a bit of an interruption which left me rambling about UX readings I’ve been doing for a bit because of a cute toddler that didn’t want to stay asleep. I need to head off to sleep now, but here are this week’s links: IASummit 2014

LibUX: Delight

Michael Schofield (@gollydamn) and I have been talking about doing a podcast/videocast dicussion about libraries and UX for months. Our second chat focuses on what creates delight in user experience.

Busy, Busy

Dear Self, I’m sorry for the lack of updates to this work journal. I may have taken on a few too many freelance projects, so this blog is getting neglected. Today I taught a newspaper/history/genealogy class to a group of second graders. It was painfully awkward as I wasn’t sure what to expect or how…
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LibUX: Social Media Buttons

Michael Schofield (@gollydamn) and I have been talking about doing a podcast/videocast dicussion about libraries and UX for months. As he says in this episode, we’re both busy and didn’t prioritize this, but finally we got the ball rolling! The tone is informal and in this first one, we’re discussing the usefulness of social media…
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On Teaching in Real Life

I taught to a small group of teens this week. It was…challenging. I realized I made too many assumptions like the kids knew about browser tabs, how to save images, and what a URL is. I’ve likely been online longer than those kids have been alive. I wasn’t quite ready for that realization, but…
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WordPress for Lifestyle Bloggers & Online Readings

Lately I’ve been fortunate enough to work with patrons interested in lifestyle/interior design/creative WordPress blogs. While my own blog here is not very action-packed or set up to be a lifestyle blog, in the past I was obsessed with them. So this new movement of one-on-one appointments has been very enjoyable to me. I get…
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Why I Avoid Book Talking

Confession: I avoid book talking at the weekly chat as often as I can. The reason being that not a single book, movie, or TV show I’ve ever recommended was taken by the regular group of patrons who visit. My preferences are so far from theirs that I get polite nods and walk away with…
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Three 1-on-1 Appointments Today

One. Showed a patron how to scan all their printed documents to their email. Then we opened the PDF in Adobe Acrobat X and re-saved as a Word document. This save my patron hours of work since they no longer had to retype everything. The only cons are 1) having to make the minor edits…
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