So in the last couple of days Cuil has been all the hype. I went on there and tried a few basic searches like my own name and location. Nothing. Zitch. I may be a Google defender, but when my own name does not even come up? Forget that nonsense. Until Cuil comes in an easy to search format and hell, works, I’m going to stay far away and continue to use Google. Which reminds me, I’ve started using Google Reader and love it. <3

Mission: Premiere

Since J‘s JVC camcorder recorded all the client’s video to .mod format, I have to edit it in Adobe Premiere. This would’ve been a challenge without this site.

I’ve been restless sitting here, but I know if I’m patient, I’ll learn everything I know to conquer this project. The client wants the video put up on their myspace page. I have some stuff to do tomorrow so I’m going to try and finish up tonight after work.


Yesterday I was sweeping the bathroom with the broom dad uses in the winter to bare our icy steps, thus the broom held the potential to deliver mini missles straight into the fleshy bit between my thumb and forefinger. And yes, it did so with a vengence. After failing to tweezer the bugger out, squeeze, and then prod at it with a needle, I decided to try a remedy of baking soda and water over night. The huge bandage I wore to work made counting change difficult. The bandage did nothing!

So this morning I awoke with a swollen, red, and infected hand. I putted around a bit before giving in to the inevitible pain. It took about 20 minutes with me desperately fighting off the desire to call my friends’ mothers, but I got it out. Three millimeters of pain! So much infection!

Now I have a purple medicated bandaid over the spot. Everytime I use my thumb for anything, I squeeze the infected area and my hand protests with a sting. It’s like being slapped across the hand. Except from the inside.

They can’t hear you

On today’s shoot, I got to deal with clients who were unwilling to hold still while trying to shoot the videos. On prior video shoots, my actors were very willing to follow directions and eager to please. Maybe the difference here is that the clients were simply unwilling to follow directions. When I tried to keep them from rocking violently back and forth, one client would protest that he could not help it. I tried to set a ground rule to stay a distance back from the camera but the client ignored and completely killed the focus by pressing their nose nearly to the camera lense.

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First Payment

I called around a bunch of non-experts for the figure of $150 to charge for all my album related time and work. Yet when I meet up with J and W, I chickened out and let J decide how much to charge. J isn’t going to be taking any money from this project, so W and I get to split it.

Our clients only had $100 to pay us today, so I got to take home my first payment of $50. We went and shot video footage for the client’s interviews which will go on their myspace. When their myspace is up, I’ll get to take home another $100. Then when we finish up the last loose end (not sure what it is at the moment), I’ll get the other $50 for a grand total of $200 for a first project. Not perfect but its more than what I make in retail.

The Ordeal of Payment

So J calls today to say that the clients have backed out on the CD deal. The total production costs for the CD to be printed is too expensive for their tastes, so they want to do it themselves. J asked me however how much I wanted to be paid for my time spent on the CD covers I made. I probably spent around seven hours working on the designs (a lot of scrapped ideas too).

After calling around and asking non-experts and then doing some research online shows a figure around $150. I’m a bit timid about it, never having been paid cash for a project before so let’s see what J says when I run it by him.

Previous payments for projects

A pencil drawing of a lady singing for a church brochure: A bag of Bath and Body stuff
Sewing a satin toga for another girl in the Junior Classical League (Latin club): A beautiful picture frame
Giving advice towards D for being ripped off with his website: 4 jars of jelly

First Day on the Job

I admit to having been a bit apprehensive being the only female on today’s exercusion. My dad backed my feelings and was wary. However today went fine. I met up with J & W downtown to meet the hip hop group, Downtown.

This afternoon I had done some research on rap and hip hop albums to see what the competition looks like. From there I moved to sketching out some ideas. They were well-received with my final hasty thumbnail being the most admired. I’ll upload it later. The resulting photograph will be the back cover of the cd. Also my ideas seemed to jive with the photographer’s own take on the project.

After explaining my ideas and thumbnails to the clients, I mostly stood around watching and taking notes while W took the photos. A group of the client’s friends wanted to be in the photos. These will probably wind up on the website since the clients want to be seen as “real.”

I was curious as to what the hand signs meant so I asked Bigmoney (yes, there is no space). He explained the signficance of two thumbs down meant their background of having a hard life. Yet they want to embrace the negative meaning and change it to represent who they are and make it into a positive influence. Then he showed me how to form the letters “AVL” which stand for Asheville.

Word to your mothers.


I have to admit that I am a little wary of using Adobe Illustrator. It was not until final semester of college that my teacher had us crack it open. From my job searching, I have learned that its a truly valueable skill. Greaaat.

So my new goal is to learn Illustrator. I don’t confess to being an expert user of Photoshop but I’ve been using it since oh say 2001. My coworker loaned me books on Actionscript and Javascript which I have so far failed to truly put to use yet. The thing about those books is that they are pretty much reference books. I love Visual Quickstart Guides however so I am tempted to pay out a few bucks on Amazon towards a starter book in Illustrator. There seem to be a lot of great tutorials on the web, but sometimes it is just nice to have the paperback in your hands.

This is the tutorial site I am using.


I have been commissioned to polish up one of my business card designs. Unfortunately D gave me his mock up on a floppy which my computer is not reading. I had put my mock-ups on a rewriteable CD but they did not utilize that feature for both of our convienence.

The other commission from D is to design him a fundraiser brochure similiar to the ones I had in Girl Scouts years ago. He is wanting to sell only jams and jellies. I will post those mock-ups here when I finish them.

Then tomorrow I will be meeting up with J to start on another project for a local hip-hop group. I believe that my part will be the website design and editing the video footage. The group is wishing to release a youtube music video.