Review of Google Chrome

I know that Chrome has been out for awhile now, but yesterday I finally got around to saving my Opera bookmarks as an html file so I could have them in Chrome. Then I had to import them into Internet Explorer. After that, I could finally fire up Chrome and import them from IE. I like the clarity of space that Chrome gives you as they get rid of the title bar at the top and on the bottom.

Things I did not like and why I’m back on Opera this morning:

  • I prefer Opera letting me choose which sites to keep up on the blank tab screen.
  • I did not like having to go to a blank tab in order to open my bookmarks.
  • The download bar on the bottom was very distracting.
  • Chrome could not remember the last file folder I had opened to save pictures in.
  • The hooky way I had to go about to import my bookmarks in.
  • And ultimately, the loading pages kept freezing.

So my grade of Chrome is a C+. It is almost as bad as IE in performance value, which I am regretful to report. Maybe next time, Google.

Basic Resume for Grad School

Resume for Grad School

Some personal details have been omitted for this blog verison.

I also ordered my UNCA transcripts and had them sent to UNCG. For the other one, I’ll have to go to the community college to request them in person. Annoying, but I realize that not everyone is up to speed with the latest technology. After that, I spent an hour plus pulling up a bunch of old research papers from CDs and copying them onto a folder on my computer. With that information I was able to update my school resume per the instructions by the grad counselor.

A Note on Magic

The first tiny bit of a craving for freedom and independence came at the Charlotte airport this summer when I flew across the country to visit my best friend in Seattle. Standing there with only my backpack, purse, and camera, I was alone, far from home, and there was no one to guide me. The rush was overwhelming and I trembled not in fear but in ecstasy for a feeling that I could not describe. When I finally made it back home after a month away, I was disillusioned with home and restless to recapture that wild feeling but in coming to UNCA, the sensation has remained elusive; it’s not here.

18 October 2004

From a prompt on how college had changed me. I could find nothing at the time instead wrote of the magic of freedom.

Christmas By Color

The design firm, Raw, is sponsoring this non-profit poster of what Christmas colors really mean to you. From the Christmas By Color website:

Help us to identify the real Christmas colour spectrum by suggesting your own colour and its personal meaning. Abstract, funny or literal – the choice is yours. We’ll be collating and uploading the best ideas as we go along with the aim of producing a Christmas by Colour poster as well as individual v-cards.

I choose:

Working in Photoshop was actually fun. I haven’t worked in it in probably a couple months since I have put everything on hold while trying to get this grad school stuff done. Tonight I realized that I might be able to get my sister to patron me to design her a website. That’d be interesting since I’m sure what she mostly wants is a place to upload photos to.

Identity Project

When Shiver was in her life drawing classes, she would have me model for her paintings. Below is a photo she took and a painting she did from a shot.

Also via The Post Family, I found a link to Christoper Doyle’s project Christopher Doyle Identity Guidelines 2008. I’m a little apphrensive about doing an uh..undressed shot, but then again, I did graduate from a liberal arts school.

Yahoo Password Retrieval

Today I manually ran my antivirus and spyware programs and they deleted my cookies. When I tried to log back into flickr, I had to manually log in. Now Yahoo claims it has no idea who I am. I went in and had it send me a way to reset my password. After having spent 10 minutes trying to come up with a password for their rigorous constraints (must have a mix of lowercase and capital letters, must have numbers and signs like @ in it) which several had all of the above, it would say “sorry your password isn’t strong enough.”


Then it directed me to try again by answering a test question. They choose a question I would have never answered, seeing as how there would be too many possible answers. However, I decided to try anyways. I was then locked out till tomorrow.

I can’t express my frustration without going to colorful language so I’ll quit now while I’m ahead. Argh.

Writing Personal Statement

Writing this personal statement is turning out to be very difficult. I wrote 4 pages of notes while trying to find the angle I wanted to go for. According to Rock Hard Apps and How to Write a Winning Personal Statement , I should do some soul-searching on how to make my voice unique; my story interesting.

After a couple hours, I think I hit the right mix: my family’s poverty socioeconomic status vs that of my well-to-do friends and how I live in poverty but have a college education. My next list was why I wanted to be a librarian. It’s hard to make this as catchy as the other occupations I had pondered over. I have a passion towards delivering babies but not the mentality to deal with stillborns. My list for being a librarian listed around 12 reasons to give me a starting point.

I need to finish soon so I can get the letter out to the writers of my recommendation letters so they know where I’m coming from. Any tips on how to go about this personal statement? UNCG’s website offered no clues.

Started Grad School Application

I started my grad school application for UNC Greensboro tonight. Also I began reading a book on how to write a winning personal statement. This makes me nervous, but I did well on my scholarship essays when I applied to my undergraduate degree, so I’m not terribly worried. On the other hand, this resume portion makes me uneasy.

Either ways, I’m moving forwards and into the future!