Interview Today

My store manager herself called to set up a job interview for today. I even have to go to work an hour early. If I get the job in question, I’ll be moving from the front of the store where I maintain the customer service desk to the back to process returns. The job will no doubt be stressful till I got the hang of it, but my friend used to do it and she’s rooting for me, so I feel more confident.

The best parts would be a raise in pay and I’d get to put my skills to use in an area that seriously needs help. I’ve trained several new people on the service desk, so I feel that I’ve run the extent of my usefulness there and need to move onwards to more challenges.

WIP Moleskine Cover

Using Keyka Lou’s pattern for a Moleskine cover, I spent an hour working on my own cover. It’s about half done at the moment, but the bobbin thread kept knotting up, so I’ll finish it later. I’ll post the finished product when I’m done.

While working, I’ve been watching/listening to my favorite movie, The Lion King. It amazes me how every time I watch it, I hear something new, giving the film even greater depth than what I remembered from the time before. The in-jokes and references are outstanding. I believe The Lion King broke the mold for Disney movies and set the standard for which all other movies must complete against. The subsequent “sequels” are awful though. Fortunately, The Lion King can stand completely on its own without the shoddy writing of copiers.

Happy Holidays

I’ve barely been inside my own house except to sleep and shower this past week. Between seeing friends, family, and going to various dinners, I’ve had no creative time as of late. Today I am forced to be at home due to Dad having my car while his car’s radiator is busted. It’s a small blessing because last night I got very ill and sitting up for a little while to write this is probably all the work I’m going to get done today.

Have a soothing day.

Dreaming in Black and White

According to a study by Eva Murzyn, it looks like there are quite a few people who dream in black and white like I do. I wrote a paper in my senior “thesis” class talking about how my black and white dreams are reflected in my waking creative life. What I mean is that I don’t like working in color. My drawings are in black and white. When I plot things out, I have to concentrate on individual parts to “see” color. This way of thinking/dreaming is not lonely. I don’t feel that I’m missing anything by not seeing color too well in my head.

The study shows that only 4.4% of the under 25 year old crowd dream in monochrome. The researcher shows a connection to the television you watched as a kid. I watched color tv, being a child of 90s, but that apparently made no difference.

Christmas By Color

I posted my submissions for Raw studio’s Christmas by Color, an international design charity project. Today I found out that one of my submissions made it. Unfortunately, with my work problems and now needing to work on the car after the wreck, I can’t afford the $20 to buy a copy of the poster for myself. Instead, here’s a link to the list with my name on it.

What a nice Christmas surprise!

In the Aftermath of a Car Wreck

On the way to the grocery store, the car in the left lane decided it could osmosis into the space my car occupied in the right hand lane. The breaks wouldn’t stop the car fast enough, they were coming—-I jerked the wheel to the right. I hit the curb and somewhere in the slam of the tire being ripped and the hubcap and a lugnut fly through the freezing air, I saw a piece of my tire beam up into the air through the rearview mirror.

I managed to roll forward and into a uphill inclined parking lot where I let my car rest on its rim. I called for help while looking for the other driver to come back to admit fault. No, they had fleed the scene and the cars who saw it had drove on. I shook from both the cold and shock. It took forever before my boyfriend arrived then my sister and her husband. My brother-in-law made quick work of changing the tire, an hour after the accident had taken place. My left fingers were black from having retrieved the hubcap from next to a light pole. If I had been over 6 more inches, my car would have been a white scrap base for the pole. It’s freezing outside today and my fingers curled and screamed in pain as I rushed about, trying to get the jack ready.

My spare tire, a real tire, not a doughnut, was nearly flat, so I rolled to the gas station while my boyfriend filled it with air. I sat in my car, shaking as I rocked myself back and forth, sobbing while craddling my left hand. The shock had worn off. I can move the fingers but my fingertips are hypersensitive to the touch, painfully so. I drive with my left arm, so my arm took the shock of my body. The rest of me stayed in position.

I’m scared. I think I want to sleep. I’m not sure how to take this.


Photo later when WordPress quits acting up.

Work Difficulties

Work is being difficult right now. Someone went into the computer and changed my availability so that the computer would not automatically generate me a work schedule. Over the last couple of weeks, I tried getting it straightened out but was put off repeatedly by management. So I had to call higher up the chain and spoke to the district manager about it who looked into it and said that the computer availability does not say that its been changed like my immediate manager informed me.

With the situation being as it is, I’m off for at least the next week. This is a devastating financial blow which my employers are unable to comprehend. It must be very nice to be in a situation where a little thing like this would not matter to one’s finances. I’m hurt that someone in a management position thought it’d be okay to mess with my livelihood like this. While I wait for a resolution to come down and hopefully an investigation into who broke corporate policy, I hope to…I’m not sure. Finish handmaking my Christmas cards perhaps?