Book Websites

At work, my coworkers and I started a book exchange. So far I’ve been lending out more books than I’ve been borrowing, but that’s because I have an insatiable love for library books that keeps my shelf full. In lieu of reading books my coworkers recommend, here are some internet options: What Should I Read…
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The Blizzard of 1993

The Blizzard struck while I was in the second grade at Black Mountain Primary. They dismissed class and we rode home on the bus with the Blizzard coming down hard. My brother and I were dropped off on the main road in Montreat. Keith was only in first grade with our respectative ages being six…
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Life’s Not Fair

It is snowing in Las Vegas. (I should mention that the last time my area had REAL snow that kept us out of school for a week was the Blizzard of ’93. It’s still the biggest snowstorm in local memory in that a couple years ago, I was assigned to do a “listening” project and…
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New Fabric

For Christmas my boyfriend bought me these fabric for my next sewing project: a corset. The one I’m making is the one in the top left corner.

School Loans

Today I start paying back my Federal Stafford Loan. It’s not a huge amount for which I’m thankful, but repayments sucks. On the upside, this is the only debt I owe anyone besides monthly bills like utility.

Wacom Practice: Sara

I’ve watched 18 episodes from season one of Scrubs tonight. Before that, I brought my friend’s daughter a sketchpad and an artist’s kit of assorted art supplies. She insisted I knew nothing about art and I have to say, that at four, she may be right. A painting called “Crayon” for instance might be the…
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