Earth Hour 2009

I was on the road between locations when Earth Hour arrived on Saturday, March 28th. However, here are some photos that if you click on them, you can see the cities fade into darkness. I also realized that my small city does not have this light-buildings-up-at-night routine except around Court House and the Water building. It’s kinda strange to see buildings lit up like beckoning runway models in the night.


I’ve upgraded my old 17″ CRT monitor for a 20″ Acer that I bought off Shiver for under a hundred. It’s pretty nice though of course synching the two monitors was a pain. I also ordered another gig of RAM for my desktop. If things work out correctly this should correct the lag that exists when I move between hard drives. Now if only I could get my Western Digital My Home external hard drive to power down with my computer…

I think I’m pretty set for awhile on computer upgrades. The only thing I can really think of at the moment is new speakers should be up next considering mine are $20 Walmart speakers + subwoofer that I bought nearly 4 1/2 years ago. Let’s be satisfied!

Rearranged Bookcase by Color


Above is the before and after pictures of my attempt to rearrange my library by color. It doesn’t look quite or anything like those pictures I saw in various blogs. The problem is that real books come in different sizes and the spines tend to be highly decorative. Even with my mild size personal library, the variety is too much to make it look like a technicolor heaven.

I’m a bit disappointed with the results since I took my books out of their series and subject to try for this end. I normally arrange my books by subject then by author’s last name, then alphabetically by title if the books are not part of the same series.

Strange Things

My friend Shiver wanted to go to a sushi place she favors. I ordered the Chicken Ya______ (don’t recall the word) which is chicken skewers which is chicken, mushrooms, red peppers, and sesame seeds. There was also California rolls, salad, pickled ginger, Wasabi paste, and rice.

Chest Locker
This steam trunk I found at the local Goodwill. On top of it is a sale price for $80 and then on the side is one for $200. On that side is a sign that says it was the trunk that Harry Houdini was placed inside and thrown out to sea 100 miles from shore. The trunk is severely damaged and I doubt its authenticity. If it was the real deal, I think it’d be on ebay.