Materials to Develop a Library Website

I finally finished the wiki I had to build for my Library Collections class. I am posting it here on a request: Materials to Develop a Library Website.

Comments would be greatly appreciated!

Introduction: The purpose of this wiki is to create a list of resources that will enhance a librarian’s understanding of how to create, maintain, and market a successful library website. Since the focus is on the fast-paced environment of the internet, most resources below exist online. However, the internet is often prey to websites simply disappearing or becoming stale as they are abandoned. The questionable longevity of an internet resource then makes it pertinent for a web developing librarian to keep on their toes so that their website does not get bogged down in dead links or the design to become outdated. Such seemingly trivial aspects will turn away the user base as they continue to look for more sophisticated resources that can keep pace with their information needs. This wiki includes the following topics:

• Where to follow the latest news in the library professional and in web development
• What web technologies will best reach out to you users/patrons
• What are the best qualities found in outstanding library websites
• How to market your website for a broader and more involved audience
• Informative and humorous tips, tricks, and videos you can add to your website for greater appeal

Fall Trip to Asheville

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Candid Laugh

Three on a bench
My friend’s five year old daughter tried her best to take a photo but the camera is to sensitive so I came home with overexposed and/or blurry shots. This was the best of the lot.

On Parenting

…from one of my favorite blogs, Sweet Juniper:

I don’t mean to whitewash how tedious things can be. But as tedious as they can be, I don’t have the nerve to complain. I could annoy this kid for the next sixty years or I could get hit by a bus tomorrow. I respect either possibility.

Was there a time when I was even interested in bigger things? I could sit with him for an hour under a tree while he digs up bugs and tells me over and over that they are bugs. He loves creatures that howl and roar (and he loves showing me that he, too, is such a creature). If I pick up a book, he moonwalks into my lap. He is a patient audience, and even if we don’t have a book with us I can recite his favorite from memory, and when I am done he touches my lips and says, “More.”

What did ambition feel like again? It can’t feel this good.

A Vent on Disorganization

So last night I attended a library presentation about an hour away from here. I had tried to recruit some classmates and other members of the library organization I’m involved in to ride with me so I wouldn’t be attending alone. Unfortunately, there were no response. However, I decide to go anyways (valuable information was being disseminated) and strapped on my big girl boots and headed out to an unfamiliar city and wandered around lost on an unknown campus.

I was given wrong directions FOUR times by people who attended the school. The posted school map on a giant board did not distinguish between normal car-access streets and foot paths so I got lost in a short time. However, I eventually managed to turn myself around and by walking in circles was able to arrive late at the presentation.

Then after the presentation, I asked the lady next to me for directions on how to get back to the parking lot where I had left my car. “Go back out the front door and make a right.” Since she purported to having years of experience on the campus, I trusted her and set out in the dark, alone. After ten minutes of trekking through the dark I realized the lady had been wildly wrong. This area did not look familiar at all. So I did some more circling, dodging under spots of light as I made my way on uneven brick footpaths posing as sidewalks. Cars whizzed by below and I tried my damnest to not look alone or lost. I did not want to be vulnerable considering the national news rape/kidnapping/murder of a student from this area last year.

Eventually I found my way back to my car. What my problem is that the student organization that I’m a part of does NOTHING to try and get people to carpool for not only economical/green reasons, but for safety. I’m furious that a club which has been formed for years does not have a system in place to encourage members to go to these distant events together.

I’m fortunate that I came out of this experience okay and that it was not later and more isolated at night time. I would have been a prime target as a slight female wandering around in the dark by myself with no one knowing exactly where I was. I am going to report this incident and demand changes be made.