Upgrade 1and1 MySQL for WordPress 2.9

If you’re one of the ones who are having trouble upgrading your WordPress blog to 2.9 which is hosted by 1and1, here’s how I did it:

  • While in your WordPress Dashboard, click on Tools, then Backup. Back your stuff up!
  • Then click on Export and export your database. Remember where you put it. I recommend downloading it to your computer.
  • Sign into your 1and1 account.
  • Then head to the Administrative side of things.
  • From there click on MySQL Administration.
  • Choose to make a New Database and choose MySQL 5.0.
  • Give this database a name. Mine is Blog 2.0 for example.
  • Type in a password.
  • Click Set Up. You’ll be returned to the MySQL Database Set Up and Configuration screen.
  • Once your MySQL 5.0 database is all set up, you’ll need to import your WordPress database files.
    • Click on phpMy Admin
    • You see the big blue box to the top left that says 1&1? Underneath that, click on the SQL white icon.
    • Click Import files.
    • Hit Choose and then select the backed up folder that you saved on your computer.
    • Press Go now. Give it a couple minutes to upload everything.
    • Once that’s done, it’ll pop up a confusing screen but feel free to shut the window/tab now. You’re done here.
  • Now open up your ftp program (I recommend Filezilla) and go find wp-config.php. It may be in a folder if that’s where your WordPress is stored.
  • Open it up in a text editor (Windows users have Notepad as their default text editor).
  • At the top of the page, you’ll see instructions about where to put in your new database name, user name, host name, and password. Update these according to what the MySQL Database Set Up and Configuration tells you. Copying and pasting is probably the easiest method. The password is the one you made up earlier.
  • Save your file.
  • Then import this updated filed back where you got it from.
  • Now go to your WordPress website’s URL and make sure everything is working. Okay? Next step then.
  • Go back to your WordPress Dashboard. At the top of the page should be a link telling you to upgrade to 2.9. Do so.
  • Now go back again to your website URL. Ta-dah!

Now go play!

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Goodbye My Keys


Ten years ago my dad gave me these three keys. Two opened the door to our house and the other the mailbox. I was fourteen and had been abandoned by my family to live with my stepdad. He had known me from the time I was two/three years old and I had lived with him since I was seven. However, we were more or less strangers because I was a quiet child that preferred my books to interacting with people other than my siblings. But then with the strange fates, my life changed into what I would call, “living like two bachelors” in our house for the next ten years.

I moved out formally on August 1st of this year. Due to the unemployment in my hometown, Dad has been unable to secure a job and has sold my childhood home. As part of the deal, I mailed my keys back. I feel that this is the real goodbye.