Reading Notes for LIS 620

This chapter explores using encyclopedias as reference sources. When I was in fifth grade, the elementary school principal gave our family the 1976 World Book Encyclopedias. I used them for looking up Aristotle and Plato for sixth grade papers. Other times I would just flip through the pages, consuming knowledge on whatever I alighted upon. They were heavy and smelled funny and people wore funny clothes in the pictures. I pressed flowers between the pages. We kept them till about three years ago when I donated them to a thrift store.

I don’t think Wikipedia or e-readers can match the joy of browsing through a physical encyclopedia.

Why I want an at-home water birth

I just read about this incredibly traumatic experience known as birth rape. Specifically it’s where a woman is held down and forced to have vaginal exams or other actions performed on her while she’s in labor. These range from dozens of hands going to the birth canal to being cut upon without permission (or anesthesia!) to being tied down as people force her legs wider.

Just…oh my God. And to top it off, here’s a report out of Canada about how it’s common procedure for unconscious women to have pelvis exams while they’re under without their permission. The exams are done by students for practice.

BRB, ordering a chastity belt.

Thoughts on the State of the Union Address

I live-blogged President Obama’s State of the Union Address (video or transcript) in a casual way with my friend. However, here were my main favorite and surprising points:

  • Ending “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”
  • Bringing home the troops from Iraq by the end of August
  • Ending tax breaks to companies that send our jobs overseas (NAFTA devastated NC when our jobs slipped away to foreign shores)
  • Graduates wouldn’t pay more than 10% of their income towards their school loans per year
  • The smackdown on health care reform being dragged out. We NEED health care in this country!

The Sticks and Stones of Animation

Below is a selection from my final paper as a Multimedia undergrad with the full-text available here.

Of all our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language. ~Walt Disney

Over the last thirteen years, the American animation landscape has been in an upheaval divided between two very different camps: traditional two-dimensional (2D) and computer graphic (3D) animation. The supporters of each group are very vocal proclaiming their medium to be the best in terms of animated expression. Putting personal feelings aside, economic figures have to be taken into consideration about the success of each medium in regards to the reception it receives by American audiences. Money has played a big part in the dismantling of classic American 2D animation and the rise of computer animated movies. The lack of quality domestic traditional animated films then led American audiences to look outside the United States for 2D movies. This movement led to the emersion of Japanese 2D films. However the commercial success of 3D animation cannot and has not replaced the value of 2D animation as a more natural and communicative storytelling tool in animation.