I broke Drupal

Today’s adventure at work involved me completely breaking my Drupal installation. My workbook told me to go ahead and download and install the CCK module. There’s just one little problem: it completely broke my website.

My steps were as follows:

I uploaded the CCK module to my Drupal install and enabled all the options listed under CCK. When I clicked Submit/Save, I got an error 500. So I hit the back button and deselected all the CCK items. Now nearly ALL my administrative tools are gone. I can’t even find the link to put my site back online! This also took out my ability to make new content pages, add/delete modules (there is no longer a link!). I even deleted CCK from my server but still nothing.

Over on the Drupal forums, someone suggested that I “empty the cache tables.” My boyfriend worked with me on this part and in the end the website broke even further. So tomorrow I’m going to delete the whole website and start over again. I’m pretty aggravated.

Oreo Cupcakes and Cake

My favorite parts of these unfrosted Oreo cupcakes is the fine texture that is a result of the cocoa powder. The second is that there is a whole Oreo cookie in the bottom of each cupcake.

I was in a hurry to go to a potluck, so I didn’t have time to make the first batch of cupcakes, take them out, and then reuse the pan. So instead I squashed about 8 Oreos in a sandwich bag with my rolling pin, then put them in this glass pie pan. I then poured the remaining cupcake batter on top to make this delicious dessert!

Made from this recipe.