Still working on the LIS website

Things have been hectic here as school ended and I went on vacation for a little while. Strangely enough, while on vacation, I created yet another website, but this is for a private endeavor. Admittingly, I haven’t made much progress on much this month since I’ve been going through a “feeling overwhelmed and crashing” phase. So, please enjoy the bit of work I do manage to get posted!

Protect your privacy on Facebook

Use this tool to check your Facebook privacy settings.

1) Login to FB like you are now!
2) In Firefox (since it doesn’t work in Chrome or Opera), go to the link I’ve provided below and follow their instructions to drag their link to the Firefox toolbar.
3) Go to your account > privacy settings in Facebook and then click on the “Scan for Privacy” tool in your FF browser. It’ll then double check your privacy settings.

Facebook’s new privacy policy is lame.

How to tech out your library without spending dough

This great list of free and/or open source software from the Librarian in Black can help you outfit your library without spending a dime on software.

I’d like to add Pezi for more interactive and attractive Powerpoint-esque presentations. Also Liquid Planner for running multiple projects. Now, if only I had a smart phone with an internet plan…

Adam Petty’s Legacy

A video about Adam Petty’s dream: The Victory Junction Gang Camp, a free summer camp for children with serious illnesses.

The Greensboro News-Record discusses the impact of Adam Petty’s life and death in today’s article. My dad is a big Nascar fan (and Nascar evolved from bootleggers in the Southern Appalachian mountains where I’m from), so he’d watch Nascar every weekend whenever we had cable. I remember ten years ago when three racers were killed in close succession: Adam Petty, Kenny Irwin, Jr., and then Dale Earnhardt, Sr. Dad and I were watching the Daytona 500 race that killed Dale Earnhardt, Sr. I remember looking away from the TV’s coverage of the slow moving ambulance to look at Dad and ask, “Something is wrong, isn’t it?”

Anyways, this is kind of a weird entry, but the News-Record article reminded me of it. Plus there has been a rash of deaths happening in the two weeks since my birthday that I wanted to share a story about what good came from this boy’s dream and then what became his legacy:

Checks for $45 still arrive in honor of Adam Petty’s car number. The posted speed limit along the camp driveway is 4.5 mph. Children born after Adam’s death know who he is.

Kyle’s [Adam’s father] charity motorcycle ride across the country ended Sunday at the camp. A 6-year-old quadriplegic was among those who greeted the riders.

Having heard so much about Adam but not understanding Adam had died, the child told Pattie: “When you see Adam, tell him thank you.”

50 Years of The Elements of Style

While I’m a fan of this little book by Strunk and White, this writer harps on about how this book has damaged the writing of generations of Americans.

So I won’t be spending the month of April toasting 50 years of the overopinionated and underinformed little book that put so many people in this unhappy state of grammatical angst. I’ve spent too much of my scholarly life studying English grammar in a serious way. English syntax is a deep and interesting subject. It is much too important to be reduced to a bunch of trivial don’t-do-this prescriptions by a pair of idiosyncratic bumblers who can’t even tell when they’ve broken their own misbegotten rules.

I have half a shelf of grammar and writing books (I know, I know. I should be reading them!) and The Elements of Style is amongst my reference books. I enjoyed reading it in the car. My favorite grammar book though is Sin and Syntax.