Interning While Assisting

I have a found a perk in being a lowly digitalization intern. While I am waiting for PDFs to compile from rotated to an upright position tiff files, I have time to address the needs of my paid position as a graduate assistant. So, for five hours today I wrote up a guide for the things that are needed for the new LIS website, wrote emails to parties who have things I need for my work, and looked over code. I got ten hours worth of work done in five hours.

High five~!

Then at the archives internship, while I’m waiting for the six minute long scans of negatives, I draw. I have posted the results of one of my pieces here. So, I’m finding my internships to have some personal rewards amongst all the redundancy of sending the scanner sliding back along the glass for another image.

On the other hand, the air mask looks ridiculous and is hard to breathe while wearing, but I left the library today without a headache.

Two Years

This website has been live for two years as of June 24th. I’ve been busy moving one of my work websites to a new server then going for a short trip home, so I missed the two year anniversary.

Hopefully, in a couple days I can throw the doors wide open on one of my work websites!

Happy Sunday!


At the digitalization internship:

  • Scanned in old theater catalogs and made PDFs out of them. Time: 2 days
  • Picked out photos for a promotional piece on Flickr. Time: 2 days (there were 6000+ photos to go through)
  • Corrected the orientation of the student handbooks and catalogs from UNCG’s first fifteen years. Turned them into PDFs. Next week I’ll OCR them so they can be searched. Time so far: 2 days.

For the archives internship:

  • Scan in photo negatives from 1947 of scenes around Greensboro.
  • Add metadata information to the photos.
  • Use Microsoft Access for the first time to fill in database information about the photos.
  • Search through Civil War era photography for portraits to add to the Civil War collection.
  • I may be allergic to mold since I get severe headaches whenever I’m near the fuzzy books.
  • Learn about the damaging effects of humidity on materials.
  • Find out how to remove mold from the exterior of leather (a dry rag) and cloth covered books (a dab of Lysol).

I’m looking forward to my digitali libraries and introduciton to archives class this fall!

Info Skills Needed By Digital Librarians

I’ve been holding this article open in my tab browsers for awhile. The author references Tony Hirst’s workshop where I found the following question interesting and not discussed about in my classes so far:

Should the Library be able to help researchers develop their online profiles/reputations within online environments? If so, how? If not, why not?

So far my classes have only been approaching libraries from a traditional approach of spitting out either quick reference answers, making up bibliographies, or pointing people in the direction to find materials. We haven’t began thinking outside the box of how to help researchers become engaged in finding each other. Honestly, this was something I hadn’t even thought about. I’ve been reading several Social Media books (like Social Media 101 and Friends With Benefits) but mostly from the perspective of how can I improve the websites I’m working on presence in the social networking world. I’m taking a library marketing class this fall, but I wonder if my professor even has a good grasp on the importance of making libraries socially engaging online yet.
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WordPress 3.0

I’m very excited that WordPress 3.0 has been released! How this will affect my work related activities is unknown at this point, but I’m hoping it’ll make things easier. The new admin section is monochrome pastel gray/purple which is nice, but I miss my darker gray.

I was looking at new themes for this blog but haven’t found one quite right. I’m even thinking about moving this blog to the main domain at since I don’t feel too inclined to build a new website from scratch. We’ll see though!