Good News For People Who Love News

I got word today that we’ve been given a green light to go ahead and obtain the new web server for work. With the progress I’ve made on the Drupal website, I’m hoping we can go into Beta by this weekend! Yesterday, I put in 8 hours to finish getting the international translations working, sprucing up the forums, and getting some of the kinks out of the ICL Classes Database. I even got personal contact forms working. So, needless to say, I’m feeling very positive about how this project is going now.

Today, I started my digitalization internship. I was fangirling the Espon ridiculously awesome scanner (price tag: $2,866.49) as I scanned in some theater happenings catalogs from 1969, 1977, and 2006 to turn into PDFs. I’m not 100% certain I did it absolutely right, but this isn’t archival quality so it didn’t matter as much if I was 110% or not. Tomorrow I’m bringing in my own mouse and a pillow since their mouse is too big and the chair is hard as a rock.

I also picked up some more library books so I’m excited all the way around. I’ll be getting offline in a few minutes to go read some books since I’m worn out of looking at a computer screen.

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