Interning While Assisting

I have a found a perk in being a lowly digitalization intern. While I am waiting for PDFs to compile from rotated to an upright position tiff files, I have time to address the needs of my paid position as a graduate assistant. So, for five hours today I wrote up a guide for the things that are needed for the new LIS website, wrote emails to parties who have things I need for my work, and looked over code. I got ten hours worth of work done in five hours.

High five~!

Then at the archives internship, while I’m waiting for the six minute long scans of negatives, I draw. I have posted the results of one of my pieces here. So, I’m finding my internships to have some personal rewards amongst all the redundancy of sending the scanner sliding back along the glass for another image.

On the other hand, the air mask looks ridiculous and is hard to breathe while wearing, but I left the library today without a headache.

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  1. You look like a doctor honey getting ready for serious tests….Cute thouh. I love you. Glad it all works out to your advantage.

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