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For my final project in the Digital Libraries class, I was only suppose to be doing a mini project of creating my own digital library. I don’t believe it’s required to make a website or go this in-depth, but the boyfriend and I are each working on fully functional mini-repositories for our collections. My subject matter is nineteen sketchbooks and three notebooks. These objects cover the majority of the analog portion of my long-term project with Jessica Laney.

I had originally made this website in May while visiting her on vacation. However, I got busy with my summer work and internships and never found time to resume my work. So, tonight I had my work cut out for me in upgrading the Drupal installation, every module (think: app or plugin) and the themes on the website. This process itself was not too hard, but I had to download the current website and it’s database as back-ups in case my installation process failed. And it almost did! Fortunately, three hours later, I had everything upgraded and back in working order.

Next came researching to see if someone had already created a Dublin Core module and they had! I had to install The eXtensible Catalog (XC) Drupal Toolkit in order to make the Dublin Core module to work. XC looks amazing and I can’t wait to test it out on another website in the future! I have to keep reminding myself to not mix up my projects and priorities at this point and just get my mini digital library online first.

Out of the box, the Dublin Core module does not offer a controlled vocabulary. So I had to install the CCK Autocomplete module in order to control this issue. I could have used drop down menus, but there are over 200 characters in our project. I would rather we start typing the name of a character and have the CCK Autocomplete offer solutions. I think tomorrow I’ll make a video about how to add a controlled vocabulary.

I also finally made progress on the doing some CCS theming! The best part of using the same theme on this and the ICL Communitas website, is that my breakthroughs in theming can be put into place there! :D My mini-triumph tonight was pushing the information inputted into the Dublin Core fields to the right 50px.

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