Digital Libraries Presentation Video

Digital Libraries Presentation from Amanda Goodman on Vimeo.

This was my first time presenting in Elluminate thus all the verbal fillers of “um” and “uh.” My apologizes in advance.

The class was “Digital Libraries” at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with Dr. Nora Bird presiding. The main goal of the project was to digitize 20 physical objects and I choose my collection of 18 sketchbooks and 3 notebooks. I am trying to build a digital library in Drupal which has been challenging.

The slides can be downloaded from here.

December Photos

A little something to tide over while I recover from Christmas. I had five guests over for Christmas Eve and six for Christmas Day. Snow started falling 12 minutes before noon on Christmas and kept up until sometime on Boxing Day. We kept a roaring fire in the grate and stuffed ourselves. Dad says he swept five inches of snow off my car. When he returned west to his house, he found 10 inches and still hasn’t been able to get up his driveway.

My favorite parts were sitting at the head of my table (on my BF’s borrowed chairs!) and looking at everyone helping themselves to all the food. We passed the bowls left and right and everyone else drank goblets/bottles of wine and hard cider. I felt such warmness in my heart! Then yesterday, the BF and I drove to Charlotte to see his parents again. It was a delightful visit even though the purl stitch in knitting keeps evading me!

However, I’m feeling rather poorly today. It is like I’ve been submerged in a tank and it requires a lot of effort to propel myself through the world. I got some grocery shopping done ($81! T_T), did a few things for work, but have mostly been reading on the computer. I did post on a computer tech forum and got some great suggestions on how to upgrade my computer.

How were your holidays?

Busy busy days

I had to give in and not go to my internship this week because of demands of my job. As well, my Dad arrives tonight and I had to prep the house for Hurricane Dad. He’s very demanding and exacting so I have had to get things in tip-top shape. My pantry is also bulging with food though I suspect I’ll have to purchase more after he leaves. So onto the news:

  • I did not get the Presidential Management Fellowship. I got the news on Monday and was a bit bitter about it but the email says it was a privilege to be nominated for it in the first place. I’m trying to see that as a consolation. There were 9300 applicants this year. It took applying to two more jobs (one in Colorado, the other in Toronto) to put the spring back into my step.
  • I came to the realization as I wrote my cover letter for a web administrator job, that I love my work. I never thought I’d be able to say that, but it is true. I get to make subtle differences in my department by maintaining a reliable and easy to use website. This week I was told on Facebook that the writer often uses the website as a reference in his work.
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Digitization Internship II Day 7

I got caught up in my work so I did not have time to write about what I did on days 5 and 6 last week. At this point, what I mostly remember is scanning in girls’ books from the late 1800s-1930s and then trying to color correct them. The digital projects lab has overhead florescent lighting with no windows. I tried my best, but was only able to get through about seven books because I simply could not get the scanned image and the actual book cover to match.

This week my supervisor is on vacation, so I am trying to complete some tasks he left for me. However, I had to leave early to go import the commencement video I shot last Thursday. Below is a description of the task and what I’ve done so far to combat it. Suggestions are most welcomed!

About 11 years of student newspapers were microfilmed and then recently digitized. The company we outsourced the digitization to, made every page an individual PDF. In addition, every page has a JPEG2000 image, a tif image, and a txt file. I need to rename these 2000+ files. I will then have to combine the pages of each issue.

My efforts:

  • Copy the PDFs into another folder I created which I’ll be doing my work within in order to preserve the original master copies.
  • Open Adobe Bridge in order to view the PDFs so I can see where one issue ends and where another begins.
  • In my folder, I create a folder for the year and then within it a folder for the day that newspaper was printed in yyyy-mm-dd format.
  • So my third window (Adobe Bridge, the yyyy-mm-dd folder, and this one) that I open is the master copies.
  • First, I double click on the front page of a newspaper in order to find out the date.
  • Second, I create a folder in my working copy folder with that date.
  • Third, I then highlight all the file types (PDF, JPEG2000, TIF, TXT) for those pages and copy them.
  • Fourth, I then paste these files into my working copy folder.
  • Repeat.

Digitization Internship II Day 4

Today I completed the task from last week. Since the work did not require much thought, I was able to maintain a lovely conversation with another woman in the room. My supervisor was at a meeting but came back just as she left and I finished my work.

I was then told about the project I’ll be co-leading with a UNC practicum student. He let me get a headstart on it today by studying the metadata from other digital projects about student newspapers. I researched the problem by first googling “digitalized student newspapers” but then realized Penn State had a list of historical newspaper collections which I then checked. Next I did a quick keyword search in CONTENTdm’s Collection of Collections to look for more repositories. My discoveries are as follows:

  • Most university digital projects do not bother to write much metadata for their student newspaper collections.
  • The software used is: CONTENTdm, Olive Software (OCLC), 1 dspace site, and many used one that starts with an “a” (which was not easy to navigate)
  • Some digital projects did not even bother to write any metadata and just uploaded the newspapers as PDFs that had not been OCRed.
  • Carroll University had the most extensive metadata which included the editor, staff writers, photographers, and article topics.

Digitization Internship II Day 3

My work today was pretty much a mirror image of yesterday’s work. I finished the Alumnae Magazine entries and since my supervisor was at a meeting, I started in on the student magazine. When my supervisor got back, he informed me that someone had already started working on that project, so I had to delete about 100 folders (4 per year) of content.

I look forward to Monday though because we’re having a meeting about the big project I’ll be working on with another student!

Digital Libraries Presentation

We had to present our projects in Elluminate which was a technical nightmare. When it was my turn, I got creeped out by the sensation of talking to an empty room which in-turn led to lots of verbal fillers like “uh…” I’m ashamed of that since it was forced out of me when I took public speaking in high school. My boyfriend told me that I settled in when I started talking about Drupal though which is a relief! However, I’m not looking forward to watching the recording later…

What I want to be in the future

via The Best is Yet to Come

I saw this in my Peanuts book today. I thought it fit me perfectly! It’s a good thing someone else has already scanned it so I can share it with you since I’m not destroying my book!

This is especially beneficial since I just got an email saying I did not make the “short list” of applicants for a job in Oregon. I am glad that they took the time to notify me of their decision though!

Digitization Internship II Day 2

Today was a bit of a mix thanks to my supervisor having other things to tend to and tours being led through the digital projects lab. When things settled down, my supervisor asked me for my thoughts on what metadata fields would make this one collection more useful to student researchers. I suggested:

  • Short description of content for each book.
  • OCR text to be added so it could be searched.
  • A better design layout since the giant “Click folder for access” image which leads the student off-site is off-putting.

We then discussed another project which he wants me to help lead on how to handle it. That makes me nervous but the atmosphere in the lab leaves me with a very warm feeling. David is very supportive of his interns and student workers. We can chat a bit, make each other laugh, and never are we made to feel ashamed to ask questions. It is the sort of environment that I hope to foster in my own digital projects lab someday.

Next, he gave me some “grunt work” (which I don’t mind doing since I tend to be meticulous!) of downloading the OCR text and jpegs that the Internet Archives produced for us. I completed 55 years today and nearly each year had four folders within it. The work as follows:

  • Right click on the magazine link and open it in a new tab.
  • Click on “Access this file” to check to make sure that the year in the title matched the actual files.
  • Click on the full URL of the object, then on a link that takes you to a list of all files that make up the object.
  • In the download folder, make a folder for each year and then a folder for each object.
  • Most magazines were by month, so to make it easy to organize them, I used a two digit code which corresponds to the month’s order. For example, October is 10 so the folder name would be “10 October.”
  • Right click and save the OCR text and the zipped images to its specific folder.
  • Repeat.