Library Day in the Life Day 2

Let’s repeat yesterday’s lazy format:

  • Taking the car in for an oil change. I’ll be sitting in the lobby reading my #cataloging book. #libday6
  • Turns out I can’t read about #cataloging while people are talking at the oil change shop. #libday6
  • My new computer parts are here! I intercepted the UPS guy just before he left. #libday6
  • I’ve now applied for 20 jobs. #jobsearch #libday6
  • The printer hated the thick, fancy resume paper so it kept eating it. I had to print the same thing out 5 times. #libday6
  • Alright, finished most of the #cataloging readings. Now to skim through #AACR2 ch. 1 & 2. #libday6
  • I applied for a scholarship to the ER&L Conference in Texas. #libday6
  • Now in #cataloging class discussing tomorrow’s potential snow forecast. #libday6
  • Nice. The original AACR was full of “dead wrong examples.” #libday6
  • I’m surprising myself in #cataloging by remembering most of the rules I read earlier. #libday6
  • 1.7 Notes: Be as concise as possible to convey the information that is necessary. #cataloging #libday6
  • Annnnd I applied to job 21 today. #jobsearch #libday6

Note: the bangs look even worse today.

How to Batch Process Images in Photoshop

How to batch process so that all images will be resized the same (from an email to my assistant):

  1. Open all or most of your images all at once in Photoshop (if you decide to only open 10 at a time, pay attention to which ones you select each time you run through these directions!)
  2. Look in the right hand sidebar to see if you have a panel called “Actions” open. If you do not, go to Window > and click Actions. The panel should now appear in the right hand sidebar. You might need to move other panels out of the way to see it.
  3. At the bottom of the “Actions” panel, you’ll see an icon that looks kinda like a sticky note with the bottom left corner folded up. Hover over it and it’ll say “Create New Action.” Click it!
  4. A window will pop up saying “New Action.” Give it a simple Name in the Name box like “Resize logos.”
  5. Click Record.
  6. Now, look at the logo that you have up on your screen. Go then to Image > Image Size and change the width to say 200 pixels (note that the pixels box might already be selected). Don’t change the height.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Go to File > Save > OK
  9. Then close the image by clicking the X in the top left for THAT image.
  10. In the actions panel, click on the plain square button to stop the “recording.”
  11. Now go to File > Automate > Batch
  12. In the Play section, look at the Actions: drop down and make sure it’s “Resize logos” (or whatever you choose in step 4).
  13. Click OK

All your opened images will now be resized!

Library Day in the Life Day 1

It’s right after midnight here so I’ll just post my relevant tweets:

  • Googling recent alumni for ALA COA stuff. #libday6
  • @meozan :D Would you like to be on the @lisuncg #libday6 feature next week?!
  • I’m working in the @lisuncg computer lab pre-bangs cutting this afternoon: #libday6
  • I’m disappointed how many alumni are not showing up in my Google search. #libday6
  • Now back to answering work-related emails. I assumed that if the name was located locally, it was our student. #libday6

My hair prior to bangs: Hair before bangs
My hair post bangs: My hair post bangs

Website Images and Notes are Down

Sorry for the delay! In order to better prep my websites for my capstone/portfolio class, I’ve decided to rename and separate the websites from each other.

The image links in all my posts need to be corrected, but the plugin solution isn’t working, so I’m trying to get help to fix that issue. In the meantime, here is what my website used to look like:

Some commentary on that is that it was a Flash website to showcase my undergraduate work. I thought the sheets should be replaced by silly underwear and other clothing items, but my teacher/the head of the department, said nooooo. Turns out that everything she told me to change to make it fit into her vision, is what the other reviewers hated on the last day of class. Therefore, I got a poorer grade because her lack of aesthetics and creativity. >:-(

The current website looks like this as it is a work in progress:
Capstone 2011-01-23

I need to start thinking about the overall design of this capstone before I really get into putting content onto it.

LIS Website Graphics

This banner is on the front of the LIS website.

The three images were suggested by my boss. I do think they spruced the accreditation page up quite a bit!

I have an agreement with the UNCG Library that I will promote their events on the LIS website whenever I have space to do so. This article layout is not perfect since I COULD NOT get the padding to the right of the image to work. On a personal note, I’m sorry this event is being held on a Tuesday night since I would have loved to have gone to hear this gentleman speak. But alas, I will be in cataloging that night!

First Day of My Last Semester in Library School

Okay, so technically yesterday should have been my last day. However, it snowed (more like iced about 2 inches) so school was canceled. Today we had a two hour delay which did not effect my day of meetings.

  • I had a meeting with my advisor to discuss the trip to UNC Chapel Hill for the “The Curation of Social Media as a Public Asset” seminar. She also gave me some advice on being more confident in my job search and to look for transferable skills. I’m fairly tech-savvy so what I don’t know yet, I can definitely learn quickly.
  • Meeting with the Committee on Accreditation (COA) for our department’s upcoming American Library Association (ALA) accreditation review process. I was given a bundle of things to work into the website. It feels pretty nice to be involved and having a decisive voice in how we are meeting our strategic goals during this review.
  • Met with my two assistants for an hour. I showed them around the International and Comparative Librarianship Communitas website. When I came home, I sent them their marching orders for the rest of the month.
  • I worked on sprucing up the LIS website by making some graphics and/or changing things from the COA meeting. In my next post, I’ll post some screenshots of what I did.
  • Joined my online Metadata class. My boss spoke about the accreditation process and I was surprised that she pointed out (again) that I’m the webmaster. I’m humbled by her praise.
  • I finally ate dinner while watching the season one sixth episode of Fringe. Then I decompressed by discussing today’s events with my boyfriend. Poor thing knows way more about department politics/gossip than anyone should have to suffer through!

Fun side note I noticed today: in the past year, a lot of LIS programs have completely revamped their websites.

How to open an Elluminate session in Blackboard

To the best of my recollection, this is how you can view a live Elluminate class/webinar/workshop after signing into Blackboard. These directions were written for a classmate in my Metadata class:

  1. Click on “Elluminate” in the left-hand sidebar once you were in the Metadata class’ Blackboard section.
  2. Click on the link for that class period in the main window (usually is entitled with that week’s discussion. Today’s is probably something like “Introduction to Metadata.”)
  3. A little pop-up will appear asking you if you want to save or run the session notice (I’m not sure what it is, but it’s required that you click either save or run. If you click Save, save it to your Desktop so you can delete it easily later)
  4. Elluminate should start to load on your screen. A box saying “JAVA” will appear as Elluminate loads.
  5. The JAVA box is then replaced with the main panel of Elluminate. Give it time to load.
  6. Now you have the main screen of Elluminate which in the left-hand side will include a list of all class participants, below it will be a chat box for you to type in, and to the right is the “main screen” where PowerPoint Slides or whatever will appear.
  7. Sometimes another window will appear when the presenter is sharing their desktop or a program with you. You usually can’t interact with this window, but you can see the presenter interacting with it on their computer.

Best of luck!

Lazy Sunday Movies

I woke up about 8 am today and decided that I’d relax today. I finished The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam before drifting off to sleep for another hour. Aside from the book’s extremely creative presentation of text smashing into words and posters, it made me sad to realize how even super famous people can disappear so quickly.

When I awoke, I then settled in to watch Summer Wars and Knowing. My roommate mentioned Summer Wars to me. The plot itself was weak, but the heroine’s extended family was awesome even if the two main characters were flat. Knowing was better than I thought it’d be, but I still paused it for an hour to do other things before coming back to finish it. The CGI was amazing with the plane crash. Both movies involved numbers which kinda weirded me out.

I then went to the Goodwill and picked up an amazing green dress and a 3 piece suit. The suit fits me to a T and makes me feel like a sexy lady librarian/adventurer. I can’t wait to get the proper stockings and shoes for it!

Then I returned to watch Atonement. I knew it was sad but I didn’t expect it to be gut-wrenching/let me cut my own heart out sad.

Finally a bit about yesterday’s shooting in Arizona: the violent political rhetoric in this country needs to stop. A staffer died trying to protect his boss, a husband died trying to protect his wife, a federal judge, an adult woman, as well as a 9 year old girl that was interested in politics. It’s amazing that the representative survived a gunshot to the temple. Blessings to all and Godspeed.

Digitization Internship Day 9 & 10

I finished with sorting the newspaper pages into a folder for each issue. The next step was to “bind” the pages together. Unfortunately, Adobe does not make this a simple task. Therefore the following are all the steps involved in getting the pages in the correct order in each issue:

  1. Look in the —- folder to see which was the last issue worked on
  2. Then go up a level and click on year 1925. Now select the folder that follows the last one completed.
  3. Click on the first pdf in that folder.
  4. Now go to Documents > Insert Pages > then navigate to this folder and select the second PDF > Click “Select”
  5. Just click “OK.” You just inserted the second page after the first one in the file.
  6. Click Documents > Insert Pages
  7. Now, to get the rest of the pages in the final PDF in correct order, you have to right click on the white background in the open dialog
  8. Select Arrange Icons > Name
  9. The files will now be in reverse order. Look at the two files on the bottom of the list. These two files have already been added to the PDF. So you want:
  10. Left-click on the third file from the bottom, then click and hold the shift key. Select the file at the very top of the list.
  11. Hit Select
  12. This time, you need to change the number next to the Page radio button. Change it from 1 to 2
  13. Click OK
  14. Scroll/click through the document while keeping an eye on the page numbers. It should be in numerical order now.
  15. Go back to the top of the page.
  16. Click File > Save As and give the “bound PDF” the name of whatever the issue date is in the format of YYYY.MM.DD
  17. Then make sure you save the file in the —— folder
  18. Repeat ad-nauseum

Between yesterday and today, I put together 184 issues, which is roughly half of this collection. My internship is now over, but I’ll resume work on this collection next week as a practicum student with my co-leader, another practicum student.