365 Days of Photos

I read about Project 365 elsewhere. My current camera is crappy (can’t focus on anything that isn’t as large as a mountain, for instance), so I’m forced to use the camera on my phone a lot. I decided to join Project 365 this year. Be glad though! Instead of spamming this blog, I’ve decided to […]

Musical Discoveries

Thanks, Pandora! I was listening to a Little Lion Man mix which included a lot of folk music. I fully blame Shiver for this. Then it randomly played Hotel California. Wut?

Digitization Internship Day 8

Today was a continuation of day 7. My boss solved the problem of combining multiple OCRed PDFs into one file which retains their OCR text. Tomorrow I’ll post about that process! I did find some interesting things in the newspaper articles. I sent a lot of them to my boss, but I tweeted about a […]

Song to Finish and Start the Year

This came up on Pandora a couple weeks ago and I only had a chance to look it up again a few days ago. It’s amazing and you should listen to it as well.

LIS Website version 1.1

I may have found a nice replacement for the current slideshow on the LIS website. This one is a lot lighter but the web page is still fairly heavy. I’m going to experiment to see if I can get this slideshow working on my semi-clone of the real website before school starts on the 10th. […]