Late Post for July 27th

The best news of today is that the Hack Library School article I helped write was published. The ALA Facebook page even gave the article a shout-out!

  • Checking my email this morning; this UX conference sounds amazing but costs more than a week’s salary to attend. Bleeh!
  • Adding a new children’s language learning database to the @darienlibrary website.
  • I’m getting better at figuring out how this website was put together.
  • Did some research on iLINK cables and now to put together a panel for the teen reading finale party.
  • Researched the correct firewire cable to purchase to connect camcorder to our Macs. Also ordering a card reader for UX office.
  • While I was designing another panel to go up on the electronic signs, my Mac workstation arrived. Hooray!
  • My office is currently full of Styrofoam, plastic, and wires. Now where do I want to place each computer?
  • I now have more monitors on my desk than I know what to do with. Also before I can use the Mac, I have to get 2 monitor adapters.
  • I didn’t bring enough for lunch so I purchased a HUGE Oreo cupcake to compliment my meal. <3
  • Looks like most of my HelpDesk time is finding out how horrible AOL, Yahoo, and Hotmail email accounts are.
  • More time to research revealed that I can force the DVI-D into the DVI-I. Better to know for sure w/o breaking a new tower!

The arrival of my Mac Pro at work meant that I got to crawl around on the floor under my desk for an hour as I worked on hooking everything up. I was suddenly immensely glad that I’m young and pray that I’ll be just as agile in 20 years. My two 23″ monitors are taking up the longest portion of the L shape of my desk while my PC is sitting in a strange position in the crook (the power cord is not long enough).

I then spent the rest of the day between tasks trying to figure out how to get an adapter so I could plug my Acer monitor (DVI-D male) into the Mac’s DVI-I female port. When I got home, Thomas helped me finish my research which revealed I could just shove the two ends together.

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