Resources for Theming a View

I’m doing some research today on how to theme a view in Drupal. Since I went through all the work of collecting these resources, I thought I would share them with you.


From the Views forum:

when editing a view, click the “Information” link next to “Theme” at the bottom of “Basic Settings”. this will show you all of the template files used for the view from the outside in, and list options for overriding each template.
to override a template:
1) copy the currently used template file to your theme directory from the “theme” directory within your views module directory
2) rename the template file to one of the names views lists as a potential override. these names can be more or less specific depending on how widely you want the template to be used (for all of your views, for all of your views with the “table” style, for this view only, etc)
3) click the ‘Rescan template files’ button on the views editing page
4) save the view
5) edit the template file and check the results

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