Big News: Espresso Book Machine

I have known about this for a couple months now and can just now share that we have an Espresso Book Machine (EBM) at Darien Library! Book Business has published a press release from the Library about it. I know some stuff about the logistics of the deal, but am unaware of what we are sharing with the public, so I would have to refer your questions up the chain of command.

I am now on vacation for the next week to celebrate my nuptials, so I had to rearrange my schedule to get things prepared for the EBM’s release. There has been a back up so I was unable to fulfill the things I needed to do before I left. On the other hand, I have been managing the hell out of our social media presence, pushing content around on the website, testing out the fancy camcorder, and creating what feels like a couple hundred panels (true total: something like 10) over the last two days.

Immediately before it was time for me to leave, I discovered a hiccup with the software we use to control our digital signage. I stuck around an additional 40 minutes to no avail. In the end, I wrote notes and sent a request to my boss for heeeeelp. Sorry, John!

First Day Back

I’m exhausted from coming home from work and sewing for 4 hours, so I’ll make this short:

  • Caught up with my coworkers.
  • Managed to deal with sorting/managing most of my email.
  • Made up two panels.
  • Tweeted on the website.
  • Accompanied a coworker to investigate a sound problem.
  • Sent off feedback forums for a class.
  • Followed up with patrons.
  • Went to a two hour meeting on how to “be the person in charge.”
  • Bridal shower — such a blessing since I won’t get to have one with my friends back home.
  • Other stuff that I’ve forgotten!

Internet Librarian 2011 Notes

Can you hear the sea lions?

Monterey, CA

I did not blog this past week about work because I took off on Sunday for Internet Librarian 2011 in Monterey, CA. Wifi connection was spotty at best with my main online access being to Twitter via my phone. So, please forgive the posting of my notes post-conference. For the most part, I believe my notes are pretty self-explanatory, so please check them and then ask me any follow-up questions that you may have.

The non-note takeaways for me: Continue reading →

Off-Beat Path

I’m in danger of passing out on the keyboard again…

  • Finished tweaking the monthly Contactology template. Then realized they probably want a whole new footer.
  • Started working on meshing two different Contactology templates into one when I realized I wasn’t sure what my boss is looking for on the weekly template.
  • Finished producing a video from Tuesday night’s footage.
  • Tweeted and emailed around a bit.
  • Carried equipment upstairs for a weekly meeting for other departments. So awkward to set it up in front of other people.
  • Went upstairs to ask boss for clarification/5 minute discussion and accidentally got pulled into a short meeting with a new employee.
  • Super secret meeting about thing I can’t talk about yet. I really like the lady who is so cool, calm, and collected.
  • Typed up notes from meeting which included list of what the Library admins need to do as well as what is specifically on my shoulders.
  • Check schedule for things I need to do in the time I have between Internet Librarian and wedding. Stress out. Send emails trying to rearrange schedules.
  • Decide that I’ll just make up the weekly template design on my own.

After work, I ended up at a craft store looking for pieces to go into my wedding headgear. It was the first time since July that I’ve *really* been able to just wander around a store and look at things. Today also marks seven months since Dollbaby died. I dreamed of her this morning and all was well there.

Stanford’s Introduction to Databases Week 1

I am about half-way through the videos for the first week (due date 10/16) for the Introduction to Database course. The class is open and available for free to all who wish to spend their fall learning about databases. On their Twitter account, they mention that they have 70,000 people signed up. The class is taught by Professor Jennifer Widom.

Class Structure
The class consists of two primary portions: watching videos and taking quizzes. In the videos, Professor Widom presents slides (available for download as PDF or PPT) with the pertinent information typed on them. As she talks, she writes on the slides in different colors to highlight certain aspects. Her head occasionally bobs in and out of existence in the lower right corner. I find it distracting to watch someone looking off-camera at a monitor that lights up their eyes like smoky lamps. The only quiz I have come across was embedded right into the video. You are given multiple chances to answer and then offered an explanation. There seems to be a glitch since I have only come across one quiz while my fiancé has had more quizzes appear. If you have one of the four suggested textbooks, you can follow along in more depth.

I do not own any of the textbooks which might be hindering me. I find the videos within a section to be fluid as I go from each one, but otherwise the videos jump around. For instance, at the end of the relational databases video, she talks about her recommendations on watching the relational algebra and SQL videos. Then when you go to the next set of videos, you are brought to XML. The other two topics are further along.

My Study Method
I am using Microsoft OneNote to screencap slides with information that is new to me. I am also annotating a little bit defining concepts in further depth. The vocabulary that is sticking out most to me right now is tuple = row.

Mixed Bag Chasing Thoughts

I have the Stanford free database class to attend tonight, so I’ll be brief:

  • Setup the tech center for the eBook Summit 2011
  • Began work on producing a video from last night’s footage from Diana Abu-Jaber’s visit
  • Answered emails
  • Called people on the waiting list for technology classes
  • Got myself involved to appear in a Public Library Association (PLA) webinar as a panelist
  • Worked on Help Desk for two hours. An hour of which was spent doing one-on-one basic computer skills training
  • Went to one webinar from the Summit. Afterwards, I asked a lot of questions of the people in the room
  • Attended an amazing eBook Summit session which gave me lots of thoughts about things I wish I had the time to tackle
  • Started revamping my first Contactology template while making plans to work on the next one

I wish I could find some great examples of Contactology template designs…

Winning at Digital Signage

Before work this morning, I wandered around the Town Hall building looking for the entrance. Why? I had been guilt-tripped into getting a flu shot. It stung, then felt like ice water was running down my arm within two minutes of walking away. A short time later I was standing back on the step-stool working on the Mac Minis. The rest of my day was spent becoming familiar with the digital signage software as I removed panels, added new ones, and figured out how to set the timings. Once I got that hammered out, I set about making multiple new signs (3 or 4?) to post up. In-between this, I did the usual activities of emails, looking up details for my forthcoming trip to Internet Librarian, managing the website’s front page and monitoring the social media. The other highlight was a patron calling to see when I’d be in the computer lab next. He said I was very patient and did not make people feel bad for being confused. Four years of retail will give you patience.

The point of all this? I did not know that my arm hurt until I went to put my lunch in the microwave. Now off to sleep and hoping I don’t turn over onto my sore arm!

Back and Brighter

I’m about to fall onto my keyboard so a summary:

  • Finished getting the last of the Mac Minis updated.
  • After getting them all back into place and on, the comments were that the screens were more vibrant in color and brighter.
  • Emails, updating website, updated a website button
  • Read about some new HTML5 elements and some more from the responsive web design book
  • 3 hours in the computer lab and boy, did people keep me hopping!