Internet Librarian 2011 Notes

Can you hear the sea lions?

Monterey, CA

I did not blog this past week about work because I took off on Sunday for Internet Librarian 2011 in Monterey, CA. Wifi connection was spotty at best with my main online access being to Twitter via my phone. So, please forgive the posting of my notes post-conference. For the most part, I believe my notes are pretty self-explanatory, so please check them and then ask me any follow-up questions that you may have.

The non-note takeaways for me:

  • I should be able to present on something next year.
  • I heard the pre-conference workshops is where you learn the true hands-on information.
  • Socializing is very important. Find a mentor that will take you around with them.
  • I met a lot of “rock stars of library land” which is a pretty cool experience that I can stride up to any of them for a chat.
  • Truly, bring an extension cord/some sort of extra power supply for your devices.
  • Breakfast was slim pickings. You had to get there early for the chocolate cheesecake muffin. Otherwise you get a plain bagel.
  • The harbor/bay is literally a 5 minute walk away.
  • The streets feel very safe at night.
  • Restaurants do not like to keep track of who ate/drank what, so they bring you a full inventory and then you have to figure it all out yourself.
  • Double check that the auto-gratuity is correct.
  • You may get stuck on a 25 hour return trip when it should have been 12 hours. The airport will act like it’s your own fault that they canceled flights.

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