Using WordPress to Build Library Websites eCourse

The class that I have been hinting about is finally available! I will be working with Polly-Alida Farrington to teach a practical, hands-on version of her book that she wrote with Kyle Jones. It’s a small world since Kyle used to work at my library in reference! This past month at Internet Librarian, I got to meet Polly face-to-face where we had a great chat about this course. We will be covering some basic information that will get you familiar with the bolts of using WordPress and specifically how to use it for library websites.

My WordPress experience besides running this severely design-neglected blog (easier to clean someone else’s house than your own!) is having co-designed, built, and managed the Department of Library and Information Studies at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s website. It is currently being successfully managed by new webmasters. My professional portfolio is also on WordPress. I have also taught a others in face-to-face and virtually how to use WordPress. In fact, it’s come to my attention in recent weeks, that library patrons have been very interested in creating their own websites. I sent them a link to my introductory video and was then given a follow-up that they had started their own website!

My favorite WordPress + Librarians resource is the WordPress and Librarians group page on Facebook.

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