What I Do as a UX Librarian

It was suggested that I make a running list of the number of hats (read: projects) I am working on as an entry-level librarian:

  • Web redesign
  • Editing video footage and uploading it
  • Doing publicity/managing social media
  • Answering internal and external Help Desk tickets
  • Working in the computer labs
  • Writing documentation for various tasks
  • Managing the website’s front pages, blocking spammers
  • Main contact for our ebook/audiobook help
  • Main contact for local non-profits seeking to host their website through us
  • Post community events to calendar and create blog posts
  • An administrator for our ILS
  • Designing eblast templates
  • Learning physical and digital technologies
  • Setting up a digitization plan
  • Creating and managing digital signage
  • Member of the new full-time workers/librarians program
  • Member of the ebooks committee
  • Member of the computer training committee
  • Co-manager of the adult technology program
  • Co-making decisions on what services to continue/discontinue
  • Teaching technology one-on-one
  • Teaching tech classes to patrons
  • Teaching in-house classes
  • Creating screencasts and other tutorial materials
  • Fielding questions about our library from other libraries (particularly about ebooks)
  • Official organizer of as much digital materials as I can get my hands on!
  • Setting up technology in-house and for patrons
  • Contacting vendors about various issues
  • Tend to write up reports about meetings I attend and send them out
  • Self-professional development training
  • Blogging/marketing (occasionally)
  • Doing book talks
  • Observer of what things we need to improve upon
  • Endless supplier of ideas for new things to try
  • Create graphics

I would not have imagined that I would be doing all this in my first library job! This month I will be teaching five classes and attending more meetings than you would believe! As well, I am doing some side stuff to improve not only my own standing in the library community (i.e. that Public Library Association ebooks webinar) and that of my library, but as well give back to my LIS program by participating in various alumni things like talking about a technology job in libraries for next week’s Career Day.

IF I’m doing all this at my level, I’m not sure I want to know (yet!) what my higher ups do!

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