Import Emails from Excel into Gmail

This is a quick overview:

  1. So you have your Excel spreadsheet with two columns: name and email addresses. Resave your spreadsheet as a .csv file.
  2. In Gmail, go to Contacts and then click on More and then Import.
  3. Select your CSV and import it.
  4. You will now see a list of all your email contacts.
  5. You can rename the contact list by selecting More again and then clicking on Rename Group.


  1. hago todos los pasos y cuando llego a que gmail pide el archivo cvs, no reconoce al que tengo en excel, en que me equivoco, necesito una solución inmediata, le agradecería si ud, puede dármela.

  2. Hi Amanda,
    Could you provide a little more info about this.

    I don’t see a “Contacts” button on Gmail. There are ways to import email addresses, but it only seems to support importing from another service such as hotmail. Is there some trick to pointing the import to a CSV file.


  3. Do you see the word Mail below the Google logo on the left of your screen? Next to Mail is a little drop down arrow. Click and then click on Contacts. Then follow through with the rest of the steps!

  4. I do not have a problem creating the cvs file. However, when I import it into Gmail I only get either e-mail or phone numbers only. Any other information goes into the notes dialogue box. Should I remove any spaces?

    Could this be because I am using Excel 10 not 2007? If so, need a little help here. Please reply to my e-mail directly if you can.

  5. I have imported a CSV file into Gmail. I will be importing several files and would like to rename each one so I can easily find that group. How do I rename the imported file?

  6. I went through the steps, imported the .csv file and can’t find the contacts. Where should I see them? Under all contacts, not one of them is showing up.

  7. We successfully made a cvs group in gmail. We renamed it. Created a message we want to go to the 50 in the “group”. Can we drag n drop the group over to the To: part of the email? How do we get the addresses into the To: box to mail?

  8. Hi Amanda, I saved a .csv file with three columns, first name, last name, email address. Then I tried to import it into my Gmail contacts as you instructed. I had to go to the old version of contacts to do it, but when I chose the .csv file and hit import, nothing happened. Is it because my .csv file has three columns? I tried importing about three times with zero results. Any ideas?

  9. Amanda

    I tried to import name and email from a CVS file to my gmail and all that showed up was the Letter “F” where all the names and emails should have been (1000) Can you help me?

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