Chaotic Heartbeat

Today was marked by chaos. I have to leave out why, but it was stressful even just as a bystander. On the other hand, I just have to share this beautiful photo of flowers I took for my Library’s Facebook account.

I sent off an eblast for our annual gala which had a typo. I am really hoping that no one actually calls in to complain because two letters got switched… So far I have created these publicity items:

  • Digital sign
  • Banner ad (the Imagination Gala — not my design, but I had to completely re-edit it)
  • Website landing page
  • E-newsletter
  • Updated social media
  • Two flyers (upcoming)

Then I received word about some new UX software code I was to place on the website. I’ll find out from my boss if I can say what it is, but it is AWESOME! I had to determine which pages I wanted to examine and then figure out the wildcard patterns. I am not sure how that will work. Already though I am seeing awesome results which has me very excited to get to work on more web work.

I then spent some time working on content review. I am getting quicker at scanning posts to decide what should be deleted, what might be useful, as well as discovering what sort of content gets attention. This is the single process which is teaching me the most about our website.

I wound up the day with some miscellaneous activities like populating our e-newsletter archive, discussing the new online resources page with reference (disagreement about what to call a link! I need help thinking of something better. Any takers?), minor brainstorming about the Children’s Library page, combining two images together to make a Library-branded social media profile picture, creating a new Twitter list for the Library, and finally getting some insight from a patron about what sort of tech books I should order.

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