Getting Behind Again

…in posting here. Fortunately these posts are 100% written for my own benefit. Highlights again:


  • I could not sleep last night but I had a brilliant idea for a way to redo one of our weekly eblasts/coordination with the website. So I made two mock-ups and submitted them to the department head. We’ll see what she says…
  • Made some adjustments to the Children’s Library pages which I am building on the test site.
  • Went to an in-house pro development session on Pinterest. I LOVE my colleague’s presentation style.
  • Finish setting up a new Facebook page for a department.
  • Planned the Adult Technology Classes for this summer with my partner. I’ll be teaching Trello again and either Tumblr or
    Website tweaks.


  • Took extra photos and set up a very casual editorial calendar for posting them on our social media outlets.
  • Spent most of the day trying to work through the Drupal 6 Attachments book. I quickly discovered that the uh…problems in the book do not work. After hours of frustration at the very end of the day, I managed to figure it out using other resources. I should post my steps on here…
  • Figured out how to export contacts out of Microsoft Outlook into a CSV file so it could be uploaded into some e-greeting card system.


  • Finally touched base with people I met at Computers in Libraries.
  • Responded to patron emails.
  • Tried to figure out the 2009 Sony e-Reader. Note: If I was on a desert island, I’d bring it with me. That thing is made of metal, is very tough, and even comes with a built-in style. There does not seem to be a guide on how to use it with OverDrive so I need to write one!
  • Worked in the computer lab for an hour.
  • Showed the events coordinator my efforts from the previous day with attachments.
  • A surprise social media webinar came across my radar so I tuned in while I curated one of our Twitter lists and examining the heat maps for our website.
  • Did some research on creating a dashboard interface for the events coordinator on the website and then dipped my toes in the water of transferring Thursday’s attachment efforts from my personal sandbox site to the Library’s test site.

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