Launch of Kids Summer Reading Website

Today was the kick off of our Kids Summer Reading program. This is landing page that I have been working on for the past week:

Property of Darien Library

The boat, waves, and sun were done by a contracted artist. The text is from our Children’s Library. I came up with the overall concept to create the purple ocean. I also made the seagull and buoy icons. The buoy actually rotates back and forth using CSS3 if you visit the website and hover on it.

Compare this to my previous effort which was put together in 90 minutes for the 21 Things for 21st Century Parents:

Property of Darien Library

Each week I will add another nautical-themed icon to the sea. Each icon will link to a quest for the kids’ to answer. When the week is up, I will deactivate the icon. When I visited the Children’s Library this morning to snap some photos of the program, I found out they had printed out a couple of my vector images that I had made in Inkscape and hung up (the mermaid and lifehouse):

Property of Darien Library

One of the librarians hugged me and another kept thanking me. It was the first time that I really felt that I had made a real difference to a coworker (this completely discounts all the other times I’ve been thanked, but their reaction was particularly touching). I should not fail to mention the awesome sign up form made by my boss. You will notice that he used Twitter Bootstrap for this and I believe it is hooked into Polaris.

The rest of my day was spent making digital signage (I’m particularly proud of this one “animated” four panel set), processing a video, testing a camera’s sound out (failed again!), and then some chatting about the big project which will be revealed on Friday!

Note: My boss has given me permission to share samples of my work on my blog so look forward to seeing some images! Perhaps after Camp NaNoWriMo, I will change this entire blog to be more photo driven to help encourage myself to bring home samples of what I do!

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