Solved Some Issues

I could look at last week’s schedule, but instead I’ll focus on what stands out to me:

  • I managed to fix the image issue for the new page designs in IE7 (I had an extra closing div tag).
  • Images uploaded to the website using the new rules are using HTML5 semantics (figure and figcaption).
  • I fixed up the layout for 3 of the 4 new main pages for the Children’s Library. I also added navigation buttons.
  • Created a fun “Please hit reset!” + arrow on the no results found Homework Help page.
  • Posted lots of social media items.
  • By promoting the new tech books, I noticed that the tech books started circulating (yes!).
  • Created a new digital sign promoting slide scanning in the Digital Media Lab.
  • I was offered a lovely new opportunity which I accepted. I will post more information later.
  • A patron came in and asked for me by name. They had the same disease that my grandpa did which led me to being very upset which I hid.
  • Three staff members received more training for the Digital Media Lab.

Andromeda came to visit me! How wonderful! She and her family are the first visitors we’ve had here aside from our family and wedding guests. Hopefully this is the beginning of a new trend for us.

Big Project Update:
I sent out the first round of surveys. Then I got burned out because I had been coming home and working an additional five hours on this project. My goal is to have all the responses back by mid-September, then to have everything ready before National Novel Writing Month (November). On Thursday morning, I was so wound up thinking about this project, that I woke up early and began setting the stage in OneNote. On Saturday, I began my part in earnest.

Lots of UX Reading

Disruptions from the flood continue to haunt the library. Therefore I spend my time checking on coworkers to make sure their setups are still working, manning the computer desk, sneaking about to find computers with email access and manage the library’s social media, brief advising sessions with people I run into about their various projects, all before finally unpacking my netbook to set up shop somewhere. It’s like living in a fishbowl wherever I end up — either from patrons or other staff members.

When I ran out of small, manageable tasks for my netbook, I took to writing notes from Smashing UX Design. This book is absolutely amazing with the amount of detail it gives you. I’m still learning the ropes of UX, but reading this book I realize that I’ve been doing it day in and day out since I was hired. The key points are: observe or ask what’s wrong or thinking about, listen, take notes, and then try to do something to improve that person’s life.

Today I spent a lot of time carrying items around. When I rolled into work, I quickly found out that the rest of the stuff in the UX office needed to be carried out. So I packed everything up and then moved it. When that was done, I loaded up my work Mac and its two monitors to set up in the staff lounge.

Mac on the go!

Mobile Work Station

Fortunately I had packed everything together and labeled the boxes so it was easy to find my stuff and move it up the stairs. I had to leave my PC behind as there isn’t room on the desk in the staff lounge and there is only one ethernet outlet. We have a staff use computer in the lounge and already I got a bit of grumbling over taking that computer’s internet. Meanwhile, I was able to zoom around and fix things up on the website, create a new digital sign, and work on a coding experiment.

Three screens!

Ready for work in the staff lounge!

Week in Review

This past week went by in a rush — possibly because I had Friday off! There was not much in the way of specific learning events but an overarching picture aside from the usual things (emails, digital signs, and meetings):

  • Working on the new booklist page for the Children’s Library — I need to get Twitter Bootstrap’s tab interface working.
  • May have fixed the problem with image + caption showing up correctly across browsers.
  • Took photos of some owls at the Animal Embassy event (cute!).
  • Updated the Book Group page, About page, and setup a new Storytime page using a new design element. Can you spot the change?
  • Worked on the design template for our new website element. I then did some training in using it. Look for it to premiere in mid-September!
  • Co-taught a Coding for Beginners class. The elements we discussed: HTML, CSS, accessibility, web hosting, CMS, browser wars, & responsive web design.
  • Ordered 17 new tech books. I think one of the books I recently added has been borrowed without checking out. :-(
  • Listened to a digital literacy webinar where I did not learn anything new, but it allowed me to experiment with some code in my
  • Finished putting up the new desktop backgrounds in the Children’s Library.
  • Setup the Adult Technology Classes on the website in preparation for Monday’s registration.

Spinning Wheels

I’m really getting behind on keeping this journal updated about my work. The main reason is because after all the excitement with getting 3M and the Digital Media Lab out to the public, anything else that is just slow, minor works-in-progress makes it feel like I’m spinning my wheels. So here’s just an overview of what’s been going on:

  • Giving tours to staff on the DML and discussing how patrons could use the Lab but stressing that it’s a set of tools for usage instead of being focused on any particular type of project.
  • Lots of video editing — we’re about to post our 200th video to Vimeo.
  • Advocated WordPress to a coworker and to my boss for a particular project.
  • Work on Children’s Library’s computers some more for the desktop backgrounds.
  • Trained staff on the computers labs.
  • Try to research adding iCal to individual nodes on our website. It doesn’t look possible without using Drupal’s calendar module which we do not currently use.
  • Create more digital signs.
  • Create a variety of signage about a closure in the library.
  • Compile a signage inventory by photographing every sign in the building.
  • Learn how to use hook form alter thanks to Mustardseed Media’s podcast.
  • Started working on the About page redesign.
  • A 90 minute meeting with 3M and the other 3M beta libraries.
  • Setup LibGuides template designs along with the reference department. I did these changes live for their requests.
  • Worked on the website for the About page. This also involved checking the post on other computers/browsers and asking for coworker feedback.