Redesigned Services Page

First, the old page:
I'm a View!

The new version (still has some kinks):
I'm a page!

While I was hoping to have a lot more input on this page from staff, I ended up doing 90% of the work myself. That meant creating new pages for each of those links, making up descriptions, and worrying over the language. Some pages have barely any content on them (see WiFi), but the information did not fit in nicely elsewhere. Some of the stuff off the old page still needs to be moved to a new home (mostly in the About section). There is also an issue with that Javascript chat box causing the page to jerk when it first loads.

However, I feel like this is much clearer than the previous design. I am also striving for the three click rule:

  1. Services
  2. Topic
  3. Very specific (not used in most cases)

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