Winter Illness

The crushing headache I mentioned in the previous entry was only a warning of what was to come: a terrible cold that inflicted my sinuses, throat, and chest. I feel better now, but I still sniffle and just feel exhausted. I came home last night and slept for five hours. Tonight it’s difficult to sit up awake again. So, there is not much to say currently!

Last week I finalized one project which I heard back on today. With any luck, I’ll be able to demonstrate what the work is soon. I filmed the second installment of Five Minutes with Jen. Our star is too shy to view herself on camera, so she’ll go unknowingly of how well she does! Overall this week has been broken up into many tiny discreet chunks. As of today, I’m up to 31 different tasks. Many of the things were small fixes for other people’s problems. My personal highlight is taking up a laptop to the third floor to work on the content inventory while observing patrons in the Reference Room. I sent my notes back to our reference staff for verification that my conclusions are correct. So far the answer is yes!

Finally, I got some stupendous, amazing news yesterday. However, I cannot share it yet! At the latest, it’ll be two months.