“Darien Library Does Gangnam Style” Receives Award

Photo by @figsandninjas

Photo by @figsandninjas

And Alex represented the award on behalf of the Library:

AKA I’m really excited! I’ve known about this for a couple months now.

My eBooks & eReaders LibGuide gets some love!

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Photo by Alex Hylton, @genesis2kx

Photo by Alex Hylton, @genesis2kx

When I asked Alex what was up, he responded:

Other Project Updates

It’s been very hectic as of late with the Gala preparations going on! However, in-between that work, I have also worked on:

  • Sign to go on top of the eBook handouts carousel
  • Setup, taught myself, wrote documentation, UX tested, and trained staff for our new service which launches next week
  • Attempted to merge two Tumblr themes together. I gave up after awhile, but may need to go back to finish it
  • Advised staff members on how to develop a workflow for processing book group requested items
  • Editing videos
  • Used LifeHacker’s article on DVD ripping to rip and encode one of our archival DVDs. There are still some problems like each DVD will not copy to its own folder. But it works! Now I can get back on track with the video archival project.
  • Chatted about the Computers in Libraries conference yesterday with coworkers at a debriefing session
  • Discussed several upcoming Readers’ Advisory projects
  • Taught the “Email Marketing with MailChimp” class

Today I also treated myself to a picnic lunch under the cherry tree that grows above my office’s grate’s window. It was awesome!

List of Publicity Materials

My library’s big annual fundraising event, the Gala, is this Saturday. I started receiving content for the event in March. A list of publicity materials I have made so far:

  • One digital sign announcing the event
  • Two printed “Prize” signs for the night of the event
  • Printing two 2 x 3″ spreadsheets (made by someone else, but then touched up and printed by me)
  • Creating 12+ digital signs especially for the night of the Gala. It highlights our stats, new things, and upcoming cool items.
  • One poster for the in Library Gala
  • One remainder campaign email
  • One mini-website
  • Social media updates
  • Several web posts
  • Photos of the Gala committee which includes touch-ups
  • One banner button
  • One printed flyer

I used the outside-designed invite for all of these materials. My main concern was making sure to have consistent marketing and branding for the event across all avenues. This has been really time-consuming (practically all day today alone!). Next week I will get to process and upload the photos to the Library’s various social media networks.

Computers in Libraries 2013 Notes

I recently read The Sketchnote Handbook. Feeling inspired and hating the whole must-grab-a-power-outlet struggle of conferences, I decided to try my hand at sketchnoting the Computers in Libraries 2013 conference. The results are a little hit-and-miss as a first-timer.

Sketchnote Sample

Sketchnote Sample

Things to note:

  • I tended to go with my usual route of bullet points. Then I’d remember that I was supposed to be sketchnoting, thus I’d add random boxes.
  • My drawings tend to be on the right side of the paper.
  • Next time, make sure to number my scans before I upload them to Flickr since there isn’t a particular way to rearrange the individual pages once uploaded.
  • My handwriting continues to get worse the less I practice handwriting.
  • I don’t write everything down, just the bits that are new to me.