My First Article: UX in Libraries


I’ve been hinting that I was working on two articles simultaneously. Well, here is the first one, Libraries: A Canvas for Creating Meaningful User Experience, for UX Magazine. I would like to thank Josh Tyson, the managing editor for UX Magazine for reaching out to me for this piece. This is the first article I have ever written! My other thanks goes to John Blyberg for walking me through the thought process of creating an article. Then there’s the library community, which has been so supportive in sharing the link around! Thank you! I’m very humbled.

The picture book reorganization mentioned in the Children’s Library was done by Gretchen Caserotti (@gcaserotti). The other examples were spearheaded by certain people, I’m sure, but I feel that most things are a a collaborative effort. We are a close-knit team at work. I am fortunate in my position because I can get to know nearly everyone on some substantial level.

While writing the first UX Magazine article to feature libraries was daunting as a representative of UX in libraries in whole, I hope the article inspires other ways to continue user-centric thinking at your own library.

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