My LibraryJournal Article: Mad Men Meets Reference

I was approached via email a few months ago about writing an article for Library Journal. You can imagine my excitement! The prompt was for UX + reference. Working with Sally Ijams (@lilly_libarian), the Head of Reference at Darien Library, we brainstormed several topics. Once the editor signed off on one, I set to work. The resulting article has a wonderful title that I did not get at first!

The task seemed daunting at first since most of my UX observations in regards to reference patrons had been about their physical presence in the building. I have sat on the mezzanine level and balanced a laptop on my knees while observing the reference room below. Another time, I called for an hour long meeting with two reference staff to discuss their observations and history of reference usage in the library. Otherwise my attention has been spent on several redesigns of the reference page and setting up the LibGuides. So, while I am not a guru of databases, I have previously thought about the experiences of reference patrons. (So many long sentences!)

Fortunately, I had seen Emily Clasper (@eclasper) tweet before about their GIS library card signup process. Earlier I had asked Emily about that process, but this time I was thinking of something different. The results of this thought process can be read in the article.

Writing articles for LJ and UX Magazine have been wonderful experiences. Perhaps I should think about writing more serious posts here instead of rambling away?

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