Advanced WordPress Topics Librarians Want to Know

I asked on Twitter the other day what advanced WordPress topics librarians would be interested in learning. These are the responses and my quick attempts to answer:

Answer: Create a Network. However, your web server needs to support multisite functionality otherwise you cannot set up the proper URL subdomains.

Weak-answer: OpenBook Book Data plugin

Answer: Too many to name! Custom post type creation plugins, and I’ve used the User Role Editor plugin before. I have some ideas for niche websites as well — but that’s a secret at the moment!

Answer: A large chunk of my forthcoming book deals with the topic of plugins libraries use!

Answer: Nowadays there are TONS of responsive WordPress themes if you don’t have the time to learn responsive web design yourself. In fact, this blog uses the Responsive theme. I’m waiting to hear back on the variable part.

Answer: I ran into a few FAQ and LibAnswers style WordPress sites in research for my book, but the one by Bates stuck out for me. Unfortunately they did not respond to my request for comments on how they build their site. I can clearly see how their WordPress website works. I’m guessing their search interface is custom built though.

Answer: This is build right into WordPress. When you write a post or a page, just click on the Edit button next to “Publish immediately” under the Publish top right box. You can then set the date and time for the post to go live.

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