New Video: I Have a Dream

Created by Krishna Grady (@darcyeyre), the Harold W. McGraw Jr. fellow at Darien Library. The video was conceived, filmed, edited, and produced by Krishna. Library staff from all departments offered up their dreams for the camera while speaking portions of Dr. King’s speech.

My minor role in this was a final critical eye during the editing process. The video was filmed and edited in the Digital Media Lab. Krishna and I evaluated copyright free music (search terms: uplifting) before Krishna choose her piece. Then the video was exported out of Final Cut Pro X into Compressor (a patron’s recommended purchase).

Pre-order book & designing the book’s website

It's really, truly, real.

My book!

You can find the official details on my book’s product page.

In the meantime, I am working on pushing and prodding (or into a promotional book website. My current design inspirations for the site are:

Since I also want a side of hectic, I’m moving this weekend. Thus when I get home, I’m busy packing all our worldly belongings (AKA why do I own so many physical books?!) into boxes generously sought out and acquired by my coworkers. They’re so excited when they procure a new one to hand off to me! I’m also participating in the #hyperlibMOOC.

Have you built a website for a book before? If so, please share your experience with me!

Polaris SQL Training

Last week I traveled to Liverpool, NY to participate in 18 hours of Polaris SQL training. I was delighted on the first day to learn that my Javascript studies came in hand. If I had not been studying on my own, I’m sure I would have been lost! Also working extensively with Drupal helped. I discovered that SELECT, FROM, JOIN statements are very easy. The transaction (historical) database is much more difficult to grasp. Given time, I’m sure I would be able to generate reports from it. The final piece was to learn how to create reports. This was fairly easy, though I may have to contact Polaris to make sure my data source is correct.

One of my objectives was to learn how to bulk edit records. However, for safety and business related purposes, clients are not able to do this. I’m looking for information to teach me about database design next. Though I may be sidetracked and look into MongoDB instead…

Working with the Local Girl Scouts

…on a new website. They’re building it, but I’m advising on how to get started: web host, domain name (go for .org), theme, plugins, etc. I’m glad that my library and I am available to provide this guidance.