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Lately I’ve been fortunate enough to work with patrons interested in lifestyle/interior design/creative WordPress blogs. While my own blog here is not very action-packed or set up to be a lifestyle blog, in the past I was obsessed with them. So this new movement of one-on-one appointments has been very enjoyable to me. I get to rack my brains to think about my impressions of what a lifestyle blog should look like, how you build an audience, and describe the different ways to stay in touch with your readers (e.g. email, RSS, social media). What’s difficult is remembering the name of any of those blogs I used to follow!

On that note, I have mostly given up on following blogs via RSS. This happened long before Google killed Google Reader. After the devastating losses of three years ago, I found myself to no longer reading my RSS feeds. So I dropped my lifestyle/crafts/interior decorating blogs. Now I use RSS to keep up with webcomics and to skim librarian related blogs. I don’t think I’m alone in this — I’ve noticed that the quantity of library related blogs has gone down substantially in the past few years. So, where do I spend most of my free online time? Twitter, Tumblr, and news websites. I favorite hundreds of tweets a month which I mostly don’t look at — but it’s nice to have for the days when I’m looking for something new to read. I also have shifted a lot of my online reading away from librarians and to web coders/developers. These people are intense and way beyond where I am (hey, their job is to be web people while I’m responsible for dozens of things at work), but I enjoy seeing what others are doing.

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