Organize and Protect Your Digital Life Class Notes

These notes are the property of Darien Library. I taught this class tonight which I suspected only a handful would show up, but 36 did despite the pounding rain!

Phones & Tablets

How to backup

How to retrieve/protect data when stolen

  • Prey:
  • Remote destroy coming soon


How to protect yourself when you throw out a computer

If your hard drive is clicking

The drive is dying! You need to get everything off.

Protect Your Online Identity

  • 2 Factor Authentication
    • Google
    • Twitter
    • Hootsuite
  • Heartbleed
  • AOL compromised
  • Password manager:
  • Internet Explorer bug — hot right now
  • Hightail: A way to securely send your files and see who downloads them.
  • Think about what you post
    • Bosses
  • When doing transactions, look for the lock for security
  • Don’t click on links in emails — go directly to new site

Own Your Online Identity

Extra Tips

  • Use copies, not originals
  • Have grab and go packs — did this for Hurricane Sandy

LibUX: Web App vs. Native App

Michael’s description:

When–if ever–should a library opt to build a native app? What are the inherent social, development, and financial implications of choosing one over the other. Is a web app literally a more ethical decision for a tax/tuition-driven institution?


Our special guest this time was Brian Pichman (@bpichman) who joined us via his smartphone to discuss the topic.

We used Boopsie as our de facto native app vendor that libraries use, but our comments are meant for library app vendors in general. Our opinions are our own and do not reflect our libraries.

LibUX: Hamburger Icon

Michael and I are starting to get a real feel for conducting these video/podcasts! Today we kept it under 30 minutes and chatted about copyright, legalese, the Innovation/Polaris acquisition, WordPress + PowerPac, mobile apps, hamburger menus, Heartbleed bug, the Personal Digital Archiving & Radical Archivists conferences, and more!

Big announcement: Michael put in the back breaking work to build the libux website which is available on Github.

LibUX: Personalization

We had a late start then a bit of an interruption which left me rambling about UX readings I’ve been doing for a bit because of a cute toddler that didn’t want to stay asleep. I need to head off to sleep now, but here are this week’s links:
IASummit 2014