Tech Fair: A Success!

My idea to host a Tech Fair went off this past Saturday without a hitch! John manned the 3D printers (very popular with kids), Sally the Google Glass (everyone loved them), and I took care of technology support/education, the Digital Media Lab, and the Small Office Home Office (SoHo) Business Center equipment. I think we got around 200 or so interactions. The most popular items on my table was the drone and the turntable.

Where did the Tech Fair idea come from? Well, I saw photos from the Gala where my colleague Alex showed off the 3D printers to attendees. I wanted to do the same thing, but make it more inclusive and not just for people who could afford to purchase gala tickets.

Sally proposed that we do the Tech Fair again in the Spring, so we’ll be back in April!

Library and Information Science Syllabi

I’ve been focused (and procrastinating) on my DIY education by finding LIS syllabi for the past several months. Then over the long Labor Day weekend I decided to turn my hobby into something I can share with the world at Library and Information Science Syllabi.

This is already on its  second theme!

I’m trying to toe the line and avoid receiving cease-and-desist letters by merely linking to the syllabus after calling out the following information: instructor, school, semester taught, course description, required textbook, and a link to the syllabus. Of course, this limits some future options as the syllabi may be taken offline at any moment. However, by capturing the core components, I hope the site remains useful for fellow lifelong learners. I am already starting to see patterns for the most common textbooks.

Therefore, I am humbled that on the site’s sixth day of the site’s existence to have Anna-Sophie from Hack Library School (HLS) notice the site already:

Amanda Goodman has started a really important new site, pragmatically titled Library & Information Science Syllabi, to act as a repository for, well, syllabi from library and information science courses. I think this is the start of an excellent and much-needed tool for transparency that can help prospective students evaluate programs, offer data for crucial research on LIS education, and start to hold LIS programs accountable for providing quality courses.

Thank you, Anna-Sophie for the nice write-up!