Flyer: The Doctor is You

Property of Darien Library

Property of Darien Library

Let me be honest: I designed this flyer with a sense of competition.

My colleague caught me ASAP after returning from ALA Midwinter in Chicago and asked me to produce this flyer by the end of the day. She gave me another library’s flyer for inspiration. I saw the layout of that one and thought, I can do better. Nothing like a little competition to get the blood moving…

The doctor image was created in Inkscape on my work Windows computer. According to that monitor, the doctor’s race is much more ambiguous. I’m annoyed that it came out the way it appears here on other computers. However, I think I did an alright job of trying not to present a specific gender or age to the illustration. My spouse pointed out that the image does portray someone of a certain weight. The model for the crossed arms was a buff guy, so there’s that.

The original version had a red background instead of blue. Unfortunately our printer turned the doctor’s skin tone orange and thus there was no contrast. So I changed out the color. I’m pretty happy with the way this came out though the amount of text makes me cringe. I’m used to designing digital signs which are skimpy with the text.

Poster: Recharge Your Book Group

Property of Darien Library

Property of Darien Library

Becky Spratford is a guest speaker coming to our library in a couple weeks. From my understanding, this program is her bread-and-butter. I was hoping to capitalize on any design element she already had going on, but found nothing. So I drew up a few concepts (lightning, batteries, power outlet) and let the book group coordinators decide. They choose the lightning! I then did the campiest Photoshop job to the images to merge them together.

Don’t let this poster deceive you: the initial book + lightning strike was done in about 45 minutes. It was trying to add Becky’s photo to it that took houuuurs. Eventually I gave up because the photo made the poster too busy.

Presentation: A/B Testing in Library Emails

Email is not dead — in fact, your library’s emails are delivered to your patrons’ inboxes more than 90% of the time while Facebook continues to diminish how many of your followers even see your content. The trick then is to get your patrons to open your emails and then interact with the content in a way to drive value for your library. At Darien Library, we are using A/B testing to discover how to design email newsletters that get opened and acted upon. Our most recent test of changing a subject line generated 10% additional opens. Then by adding a digital service to an email, we increased usage of the service by 151%. In this short session, Amanda will go over some of the metrics you can test for in your email campaigns. She will be focusing on MailChimp, but other email campaigns also offer insights on how your users interact with your library’s emails.

~User Experience Interest Group at Midwinter 2015

I was fortunate enough to present these slides to the LITA UX IG on Sunday, February 1st in Chicago. The main takeaways are that:

  • It’s difficult to know why people click on things from A/B testing alone
  • Multiple tests are needed to try and narrow down results
  • A/B testing is fun

My favorite question from the audience was how does email analytics work — how can you know someone opened your email? I got to explain about the invisible pixel that is downloaded when an email is open. However, Apple and now Gmail skews the data since they auto-load images while Outlook does not.