Direct Mail Tips

I attended a Direct Mail class from the local SCORE group. I’m not feeling up for formatting it correctly right now, so forgive the mess. The main takeaways:

* There are two types of Direct Mail from USPS:

– Retail: no permit, but with a limit of 5,000 items per zip code per day

– Business: buy a permit ~$250 and you can send more items. This is for people sending direct mail all the time.

* The process:

– Your mail object needs to be within a certain size.

– You need to print the default stamp and mailing address on your items (your printer does this for you usually)

– You go online to and enter a zip code.

– Then you can use the table tools to look for people based on income, family size, and ages (info from the Census)

– You can pick the exact route you want to send mail onto. The site tells you how many households that is and how much it’ll cost. You can pay online or at the post office.

– Once your mail piece is printed, you need to bundle it into stacks of 100s and 50s. Then you use their provided facing slip (get off the website when you place your order) to wrap the bundles. Each facing slip says how many slips you have for that route.

§ If you have 268 mail objects for route X, you would organize your bundles like so:

§ Two stacks of 100

§ One stack of 50

§ One stack of 18

– USPS is responsible for sending the mail onwards within 48 of delivery (I think this was the message)

– You can save money by taking your bundles to the post office which services that zip code.

– You can go to Irresistible Mail, which is USPS’s site for more inspiration

– The main thing is to try and send your mail to the people who are most likely to be interested.

– You can go to Town Hall and ask for a list of people who have dog permits. Then your grooming business can send mail to only them.

– This sounds crazy to me, but the guy said that’s what he does for his clients.

– Never send your mail first class. Send it standard to save money.