Introducing the Publicity Manager



I’ve hung up my hat as the library’s User Experience Librarian. I am now the Publicity Manager. This is not the end of UX at my library nor the death of the UX librarian. Instead, my focus has changed. Broaden. Instead of looking at the miniscule so much, I will be in charge of overseeing how publicity moves through the Library itself. Since this change just took effect on Friday, August 19th, there will still be some echoes of my UX librarian self in the weeks ahead. That and I’m going to New Zealand for half of September. It’ll take me a bit to get up to speed.

Since this is something new, I’ll try to blog about my work more as I learn through this new journey. My first big project was started months ago and will premiere on September 7th: the Staff Art Show. On Wednesday, I’ll attend a Facebook Analytics workshop. What awaits me on this new arc of my career?

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