January Hits Hard

We’re having a very busy time this month. January is typically a slow month for both people coming in the door and programming. However, things are bouncing in publicity. This week I’m dealing with trying to get less mass emails sent out, pushing five major projects out the door at once (timing guys, we gotta do better next year), and so many emails. Drowning in them.

My colleague is giving a talk on fake news tonight. She sent me her slide deck to go over. I’m grateful she got the general layout and composition done. The formatting of it took 90 minutes for 45 slides. I’m eager to hear how many people attended the event. We got some traction from people about 30 minutes away.

Our videographer and I had an hour-long meeting with the Head of Public Services today. We presented her with three different video projects. Two are immediate and one is longer term. She gave some highly needed feedback which substantially shifted the direction of one video. The best part of the meeting was her lighting up as she discussed romance as a genre. She’s an absolute delight to listen to with how passionate she is about the power of readers’ advisory. I have zero skills/interest in that area, so it’s great to see an expert go.

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