Self-Evaluation on Publicity Management

I met with one of the assistant directors today about publicity. The meeting was triggered by a self-evaluation I had sent staff a month ago. When I became the Publicity Manager, I sought to find out what people wanted from a PM. I carefully took notes then typed it up. After six months, I then went through and evaluated where we stood on those requests. Outstanding issues were marked in red. Those hold ups could be because I haven’t gotten to it or cannot be accomplished due to technical, funding, or staffing reasons.

Today’s meeting was an hour long. I’m happy to say that most of the things we discussed were things I could answer with an outlined plan. Several projects were already in the works with scheduled meetings to move forward on. I’m happy that I was able to anticipate some of the requests ahead of time.

My sixth anniversary is next month, so this feels like a good place to end this fiscal year.

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