Moved House
I’ve been silent on here while undergoing a move that has dragged out almost two months. When I returned from the eclipse, I had to hurry to pack my house up. Then I started moving the delicate artwork and plants by the carloads. I must have made 13 or so trips. We spent almost a week cleaning out our old apartment.

Our household is expanding by one with a parent moving in. Since we’re moving in at different times, it means that we really haven’t been able to settle in. The walls are still blank and furniture sits oddly while waiting for the other household to join our own. Meanwhile, I’ve discovered that I don’t mind mowing, I enjoy pruning, and harvesting tomatoes from our garden is sweet indeed. This is a journey of discovery which I hadn’t anticipated. I think there’s a homeowner lurking under my skin.

New Department at Work
While this was going on, I have been assigned to a new department at work, Adult Programming and Community Engagement. My day-to-day work has not changed yet. I still sit in the UX office. I suspect that what I want to do more of is not publicity, but analysis. This week for instance, I’ll meet with two of my hew department colleagues to evaluate their data and strategies to increase their outreach. I’m looking for patterns over time, opportunities to do A/B testing, and just ways to do more.

Moving Forward
My new Director-at-Large position is taking off too. It’s a little overwhelming with so many new things to be happening at once. But I’m already thinking ahead. Is there a new class to teach? A new book to write? Where can I take this energy and move forward?

Wanted: Focus
One thing I have dropped: I’m no longer a member of LibUX. Michael is continuing to grow it under his own vision and direction.

I’m still looking for my place. I miss podcasting. I miss learning. I struggle with focus. The dark times of the world distracts me. What’s going on in librarianship? Where has everyone gone? The online conversations have dried up in the places I usually look: blogs, Twitter, listservs, and even Slack. I’m on some Facebook groups, but that isn’t the passionate place I discovered when I was in library school. Where are you, world?