Google Sharing Aggregated Library Events From Third Parties

Last week I discovered today that Google’s right side panel is displaying a list of events for my library (search “library name”).

When clicked upon, it takes you to a new page listing more events. Highlighted below that is a map and a link to whatever source site Google is pulling from.

In my research, most of the source sites are aggregator sites that scraped our events calendar. Some sites link back to the original post, others do not. This could potentially cause some headaches with our registered events which require you to sign up through the website.

I talked with some other library web people. For my site at least, the scrapers appear to be drawing the data through our iCal feeds. I’ve asked our system admin if we can edit the iCal feed (and only it) to include text about “To register, visit our website at….” The links embedded within our event descriptions seem to work on some scraper sites.

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