Amanda L. Goodman is the user experience (UX) librarian at Darien Library, a public library in Connecticut. At work, she has taught twenty classes ranging from online safety to editing photos to military genealogy. As an online instructor, she has taught hundreds of librarians how to build library websites using WordPress.

In addition to building websites in WordPress and Drupal, she wrote The Comparative Guide to WordPress in Libraries: A LITA Guide and a Library Technology Report on Digital Media Labs in Libraries. She has also written articles for UX Magazine, Library Journal, and Public Libraries. Alongside Michael Schofield, she co-founded #LibUX, a library and user experience agency. In 2015, she was designated an Emerging Leader by the American Library Association.

Chat with her at @godaisies.


  1. Amanda: I found some good concise information about writing finding aids that I would like to quote in a paper that I am writing (it is about keeping original order). It has your copyright,(LIS_505_Reading_Notes_2010-09-26)and is derived from Roe’s publication, Arranging and Describing Archives and Manuscripts. 1. May I use it with a citation?
    With respect, thanks for your reply.

  2. That particular set includes some scans of charts which were too bothersome to retype. I would suggest skimming over my notes and then looking for the original book on Google Books. You can keyword search to try and find the particular page I was on.

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