Book: WordPress in Libraries

It's really, truly, real.

My book!

Over the course of six months in 2012, I wrote a 200 page book showing how WordPress was being used in libraries. Each of the twenty-one libraries I surveyed had a unique project which I highlight in the book. On Twitter, I mysteriously referred to The Comparative Guide to WordPress in Libraries: A LITA Guide as my #bigproject. I also blogged about my work as I put the book together. The book description states:

More than just an easy-to-use blogging platform, WordPress is in fact a flexible, open source content management system. Without spending a dime or writing a line of code, it’s possible to build the library website of your dreams. But it’s important to understand the basic principles of WordPress so you can plan wisely. In this LITA guide, User Experience (UX) librarian and seasoned WordPress instructor Goodman leads you step-by-step through the basic planning process for a library website that meets your users’ needs and fits your available resources for maintaining it.

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