Lots of UX Reading

Disruptions from the flood continue to haunt the library. Therefore I spend my time checking on coworkers to make sure their setups are still working, manning the computer desk, sneaking about to find computers with email access and manage the library’s social media, brief advising sessions with people I run into about their various projects, all before finally unpacking my netbook to set up shop somewhere. It’s like living in a fishbowl wherever I end up — either from patrons or other staff members.

When I ran out of small, manageable tasks for my netbook, I took to writing notes from Smashing UX Design. This book is absolutely amazing with the amount of detail it gives you. I’m still learning the ropes of UX, but reading this book I realize that I’ve been doing it day in and day out since I was hired. The key points are: observe or ask what’s wrong or thinking about, listen, take notes, and then try to do something to improve that person’s life.

Today I spent a lot of time carrying items around. When I rolled into work, I quickly found out that the rest of the stuff in the UX office needed to be carried out. So I packed everything up and then moved it. When that was done, I loaded up my work Mac and its two monitors to set up in the staff lounge.

Mac on the go!

Mobile Work Station

Fortunately I had packed everything together and labeled the boxes so it was easy to find my stuff and move it up the stairs. I had to leave my PC behind as there isn’t room on the desk in the staff lounge and there is only one ethernet outlet. We have a staff use computer in the lounge and already I got a bit of grumbling over taking that computer’s internet. Meanwhile, I was able to zoom around and fix things up on the website, create a new digital sign, and work on a coding experiment.

Three screens!

Ready for work in the staff lounge!

Book Talking

Let’s get the mundane out of the way: updated social media, finished processing a video, met with the second fellowship nominee (she’s very nice!), listened to a webinar about responsive web design in Drupal, made a digital sign, look up images for the website, researched VCRs, and did testing on our 3M eReaders — this one was very exciting since two boys were very interested in what was going on and they were showing me how to use the software for something they had never seen before in their lives.

What this post is about is the one thing I dislike about my job: recommending books to this one group of older ladies. The reason being is that I have vastly different tastes in reading materials. On the other hand, if you get me near the teens, I can gush with them about novels featuring strong young women fighting to a make a difference in the world. It’s frustrating, but…

Early Start

  • Worked in the computer lab for two and a half hours. Most of that time was spent explaining presentation techniques that were then ignored.
  • Crawled all over the floor taking measurements for a project that I then put together a semi-coherent report on.
  • Worked my way through emails which included trying to fix a patron’s account through phpmyadmin.


Open Source Software with Jason Puckett

Have I mentioned my love for Georgia’s Wednesday Webinars Series? They’re always helpful and the librarians are very personable with great ideas! Today was about Open Source Software (watch me try to resist plugging the webinar and my notes to my classmates). I knew about most of the Open Source Software that was discussed but was glad to have a chance to hear other peoples’ thoughts on Drupal.

Do you know of other webinar series that I should be watching out for?