Library Day in the Life Day 2

Let’s repeat yesterday’s lazy format:

  • Taking the car in for an oil change. I’ll be sitting in the lobby reading my #cataloging book. #libday6
  • Turns out I can’t read about #cataloging while people are talking at the oil change shop. #libday6
  • My new computer parts are here! I intercepted the UPS guy just before he left. #libday6
  • I’ve now applied for 20 jobs. #jobsearch #libday6
  • The printer hated the thick, fancy resume paper so it kept eating it. I had to print the same thing out 5 times. #libday6
  • Alright, finished most of the #cataloging readings. Now to skim through #AACR2 ch. 1 & 2. #libday6
  • I applied for a scholarship to the ER&L Conference in Texas. #libday6
  • Now in #cataloging class discussing tomorrow’s potential snow forecast. #libday6
  • Nice. The original AACR was full of “dead wrong examples.” #libday6
  • I’m surprising myself in #cataloging by remembering most of the rules I read earlier. #libday6
  • 1.7 Notes: Be as concise as possible to convey the information that is necessary. #cataloging #libday6
  • Annnnd I applied to job 21 today. #jobsearch #libday6

Note: the bangs look even worse today.

Library Day in the Life Day 1

It’s right after midnight here so I’ll just post my relevant tweets:

  • Googling recent alumni for ALA COA stuff. #libday6
  • @meozan :D Would you like to be on the @lisuncg #libday6 feature next week?!
  • I’m working in the @lisuncg computer lab pre-bangs cutting this afternoon: #libday6
  • I’m disappointed how many alumni are not showing up in my Google search. #libday6
  • Now back to answering work-related emails. I assumed that if the name was located locally, it was our student. #libday6

My hair prior to bangs: Hair before bangs
My hair post bangs: My hair post bangs

Digital Libraries Presentation Video

Digital Libraries Presentation from Amanda Goodman on Vimeo.

This was my first time presenting in Elluminate thus all the verbal fillers of “um” and “uh.” My apologizes in advance.

The class was “Digital Libraries” at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with Dr. Nora Bird presiding. The main goal of the project was to digitize 20 physical objects and I choose my collection of 18 sketchbooks and 3 notebooks. I am trying to build a digital library in Drupal which has been challenging.

The slides can be downloaded from here.

ILS Selection for an Academic Library

My 631 Emerging Technologies assignment was to narrow down the field of ILS to a few that might be useful in the library category that I choose. I selected OCLC’s WorldCat Local, LibLime’s Koha, and Serials Solutions’ Summon/AquaBrowser.

Admittingly, I’m not sure that my paper is worth anything seeing as how I doubt that simply reading about ILS is very useful. Hopefully we’ll get an opportunity in this course to somehow get hands-on experience with different ILSes. When I scribed for the Charlotte employers’ focus group in the Spring, one of the biggest complaints that graduates of my program didn’t know anything about ILSes. Unless this course does more hands-on demonstrations, I suspect that this might continue to be true.

Now off to watch The Addam’s Family movie.